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Lack of Communication: Pakistan’s IT Ministry Excluded from Recent Internet Blockades

The Importance of Collaboration and Transparency in Government Decision-Making


The recent internet blockades in Pakistan have sparked concern over the lack of communication between the government and the Ministry of Information Technology. It has come to light that the IT Ministry was not taken into confidence regarding these blockades, leading to questions about the transparency and collaboration within the government. This article sheds light on the significance of effective communication and the consequences of excluding relevant stakeholders from important decisions.

The Role of the IT Ministry

The Ministry of Information Technology in Pakistan plays a crucial role in overseeing the country’s digital landscape. It is responsible for formulating policies and regulations related to information technology, cybersecurity, and internet governance The ministry’s expertise and knowledge are vital in making informed decisions regarding internet access and restrictions. However, recent events have highlighted a concerning trend of sidelining the ministry and not utilizing their expertise when it comes to internet-related matters.

Lack of Collaboration

Moreover, the absence of collaboration between the government and the IT Ministry is glaringly evident in the recent instances of internet blockades. It is imperative that comprehensive consultations and discussions take place with all relevant stakeholders prior to making such decisions. As they carry significant implications for the well-being of citizens and the smooth functioning of businesses. By excluding the IT Ministry, the government missed out on valuable insights and perspectives that could have helped in making more informed and balanced decisions.

Importance of Transparency

Transparency is a cornerstone of good governance. It fosters trust between the government and its citizens and ensures accountability. When decision-making excludes relevant ministries, it raises doubts about the transparency of the process. The citizens have the right to know the reasons behind internet blockades. The potential impacts they may have on their lives. By excluding the IT Ministry, the government has failed to provide this transparency.

Consequences of Exclusion

The consequences of excluding the IT Ministry from decision-making processes are far-reaching. Firstly, it undermines the expertise and knowledge of the ministry, which is specifically designated to handle technology-related matters. This exclusion also hampers the development of effective policies and regulations, as the government is not benefiting from the ministry’s specialized insights. Furthermore, it creates a sense of alienation among the ministry’s officials and can lead to decreased morale and productivity.

The Way Forward

To rectify the current situation and foster a more collaborative environment. It is imperative that the government takes steps to include the IT Ministry in decision-making processes. This can be achieved through regular consultations, open dialogues, and information-sharing sessions. By involving the ministry, the government can tap into their expertise and ensure a more comprehensive approach to handling internet-related issues.


Effective communication, collaboration, and transparency are crucial for good governance, particularly in matters as significant as internet blockades. The exclusion of the IT Ministry from recent decision-making processes regarding internet blockades in Pakistan. Raises concerns about transparency and collaboration within the government. By actively involving the ministry and fostering a culture of openness. The government can ensure better decision-making and ultimately benefit the citizens and businesses of Pakistan.



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