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Manuel García-Rulfo Embraces his Diverse Role in Netflix’s “The Lincoln Lawyer” Season 2

Contrasting Personalities: Manuel García-Rulfo and Mickey Haller

Contrasting Personalities: Manuel García-Rulfo and Mickey Haller

In Netflix’s hit series “The Lincoln Lawyer,” Manuel García-Rulfo takes on the charismatic yet complex character of Mickey Haller. However, offscreen, García-Rulfo insists that he is nothing like the flashy and arrogant lawyer he portrays.

In an interview, García-Rulfo expressed his enjoyment in playing a character that contrasts with his own personality. As a somewhat shy individual, the role of Mickey Haller allows him to explore a different side of himself.

The Rise of Mickey Haller: A Synopsis of Season 2

“The Lincoln Lawyer” follows the gripping story of Mickey Haller, an esteemed Los Angeles attorney who operates from the luxury of a sleek Lincoln. In Season 2, loosely inspired by Michael Connelly’s “The Fifth Witness,” Mickey reaches the pinnacle of his career.

With excitement building, García-Rulfo enthusiastically describes the upcoming season as a blend of humor, intensity, and exhilaration. Guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for viewers. However, Mickey’s escalating success leads to questionable choices, blinding him with newfound power and causing him to overlook crucial courtroom clues.

Despite Mickey’s overconfidence and tendency to take on cases he vowed to avoid, García-Rulfo deeply admires the character’s vulnerability and humanity. By embodying a persona like Mickey, the actor believes there are valuable lessons to be learned from both their triumphs and mistakes.

Anticipating Season 2: Thrills, Intensity, and Excitement in Store

Netflix’s adaptation of “The Lincoln Lawyer” returns to the roots of Connelly’s books, departing from the 2011 film. García-Rulfo highlights the challenge of embodying the role and staying true to Mickey Haller’s multifaceted nature. Mickey seamlessly blends into different social circles, showcasing adaptability and resilience.

As Season 2 approaches, viewers can expect an exhilarating and thought-provoking journey with Manuel García-Rulfo’s portrayal of Mickey Haller. The series explores themes of power, vulnerability, and personal growth, making it a captivating watch for audiences worldwide.



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