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Glory of love and story of effort

Glory of love and story of effort

Introduction Glory of love and story of effort

This story is Glory of love and story of effort a reflection of the general attitudes of our society. And it has some lessons for all of us. Some of the recently ended dramas “Kuch Ankhai” is presented on ARY Digital.

Six Sigma Productions

With the help of Six Sigma Productions. Six Sigma is famous for its best and unique stories. One of these unique and insightful stories was “Kuch Ankhai”. The story of this drama revolves around the basic background of what kind of society and what kind of difficulties such a family has to face.

Story revolves around Agha Jan and his family

The story revolves around Agha Jan and his family. Agha Jan and Shamu Begum have three daughters. Shamu Begum is a middle-class mother. Who is worried about her daughters not marrying on time and fearing their growing age.

Role of Agha Jan

While the role of Agha Jan was played very well by Muhammad Ahmed. Agha Jan is a head of family his heart ful of love with her daughter. He is a sincere and clean heart person. who has endless property cases from his family members. Because the house he resides in is his family house and because he doesn’t have a son. Agha Jan’s brothers, sisters, and nephews have filed a case against him. For being entitled and having a share in the property. Agha Jan is pursuing these cases due to his good nature. But he does not want to get the property in his name dishonestly. So he goes round the courts for this property.

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Agha Jan’s Daughter

Agha Jan has brought up his three daughters in a very good manner. From every aspect, this is the reason that his three daughters are not only moral, and distinguished but also confident.

Samiya character was play by Meera Sethi

His eldest daughter Samiya character was play by Meera Sethi who is a talented actress and she embodied herself in the role in such a way that it seem that the writer had written the role of Samiya for Meera Sethi. Samiya got married a man Safiul Rehmn.

Saiful Rehman character was play by Ali safina

Ali Safina is a talented actor and he play role of Saiful Rehman. A man dependent on his mother who has no thoughts of his own is essentially a man of a servile nature. Saiful Rahman already likes a girl Shaugufta, the nature of this girl is very similar to her mother.

Aaliya character was play by Sajal Aly

Every story is incomplete without a heroine, the heroine of this story is Aliya who is an estate agent. Aaliya Character play by Sajal Aly she is good looking and talented Actress of Pakistan media industry. Aaliya is not an ordinary girl, she is a strong conscious girl whose aim is to save her father’s house. She works as a property dealer to support her family. And struggling to save her father home, and in doing so. She meets Seherish Motiwala. Who hires her as a commission agent for his new housing society. Aaliya is an intelligent and sensible girl. she takes most of the decisions carefully.

Seherish recognizes Aliya’s qualities

Seherish recognizes Aliya’s qualities. And sends her to her step-brother for work. Who used to be angry with his family. Seherish’s aim was to end their domestic problem and patch up her brother. And she knew that Aaliya had this quality that she could convince anyone. Her thinking was very positive.

Salman character was play by Bilal Abbas

Bilal Abbas Khan is the man playing the role of hero Salman along with Sajal Aly. Bilal Abbas young talented Actor of Pakistan media industry. Salman lives with his widowed mother. He is Aliya’s competitor. Salman’s family has old ties to Aliya’s family. Both Aliya and Salman are role models. There is nothing like today’s youth in them. Both of them were fighting for survival for their families. Overall, this story is a story of trust, love and trust in each other.

Unique Character Taniya play Qudsiya Ali

Qudsiya Ali is a another good and talented Pakistani Actress she play the role of Taniya very well. While there are many good characters in this drama, the one unique and good character is that of Taniya, the youngest daughter of Agha Jan. She is cheerful and a student. Has many qualities in his personality to say things spontaneously and to speak fearlessly.

General characters of our society

In the story of this drama, the general characters of our society. When their families have the confidence and trust in them, they will have a higher chance of succeeding. A boy can do it too. Aliya’s character is a very strong and courageous girl. Who manages to save her family and her family home. It is a fact that Bilal Abbas and Sajal Aly played their roles very well with full responsibility and effort.

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