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The complexity of the human mind and artificial intelligence

The complexity of the human mind and artificial intelligence

Introduction of Human Mind

Understanding the human mind is the most difficult task in the world. The human mind is very complex. It is not only difficult to understand who is thinking what and when, but also very difficult to know.

Reflection of Thoughts

However, the best reflection of our thoughts is our face and eyes. Whenever we are thinking about something, its reflection is visible on our faces. If we are thinking something positive, the light of our thoughts will illuminate our faces. From this, it will not be difficult to know that our thinking is positive but negative thinking turns the brightness of our face into darkness.

Introduced the artificial intelligence

Till now we were completely unable to think human mind until man introduced artificial intelligence although artificial intelligence can in no way compete with the human mind because the human mind is capable of solving many complex issues at a time.

Creation of human Mind

While artificial intelligence, which is a creation of the human mind, does not have the ability to solve complex problems like the human mind, it has certain limitations. Because artificial intelligence is created by humans, artificial intelligence will only tell us what we humans have installed in its system through a chip or special means.

Mostly Artificial intelligence is just used for prediction

Artificial intelligence can tell us what the conditions are in California at the moment, and what challenges they are facing, artificial intelligence can also tell us how much percent the budget of Saudi Arabia went into surplus this time, and it can tell us what the weather conditions can be in the coming days, it can tell us how intense the wave of heat stroke will be in the coming days. It may be able to talk about the economic social geographical boundaries of any country, but artificial intelligence is unable to understand human behavior, it cannot tell us what you are thinking at that moment, and it does not have the ability to read faces.

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Artificial Intelligence not capable to understand and solve our social issues

It does not have the ability to know how to solve your domestic problems. For example, there are often resentments between elders in the house. Such as brother-in-law’s sister issues. And family issues, In-law’s problems, mothers-in-law, and Aunt issues behavior. These are problems that cannot be solved by artificial intelligence or we can say that. That artificial intelligence cannot tell what your heart wants to eat. While your mother not only knows but also prepares it for you.

Artificial intelligence unable to understand Human behavior

In short, artificial intelligence is unable to understand human behavior and, in a sense, it is even better. Because if robotic machines start to understand the behavior of human beings, then a war between humans and artificial intelligence can break out, so it is better that they stay within their limits.

Limits and Boundaries

Exactly as the divine order says “O man, never go beyond your limit”. Or in another place, Allah Almighty says that you should never be among those who exceed the limit. As human being understands, knows. And everyone understands by putting the knowledge we get into practice. Some people do good deeds and some use their knowledge for evil. It is this knowledge, thanks to which human beings gained superiority over the angels, through this knowledge.

Specific scope and way of life

Allah Almighty has limited man and taught him a specific scope and way of life. And those who go beyond these limits, they go astray, they go astray, in the same way, artificial intelligence also has a limit, if it and the human mind ever go beyond their limits, then there will be endless chaos in the world.

Artificial Intelligence is not bad thing

This does not mean that artificial intelligence is a bad thing, it is not at all, it is the divine knowledge of Allah, which man has used and invented an artificial method for his convenience so that he can know the weather conditions in the coming days. Can keep an eye on the stock market and keep an eye on business opportunities Know which country is best for travel in which season. But as stated above, everything within its limits is beneficial and anything that exceeds the limit is harmful and causes suffering.

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