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Chronology of the universe When did the universe begins?

Age of the universe


It is now believed that the universe is 13.8 billion years old. Many astronomers were confused by other early stars because they appeared to be too fully developed to have been from that era. According to recent findings by professor Rajendra Gupta of the University of Ottawa’s Department of Physics. The actual age of the universe is 26.7 billion years, about twice as ancient as previously thought.

But experts advise us to practice caution: One cosmologist asserts that “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.”

Determining the age of earth

Even under the greatest circumstances, estimating a thing’s age is challenging.

Trees that have grown in temperate climates may be saw by their tree rings. When determining the age of certain fossils or rocks on Earth, radioisotope analysis can provide a very accurate picture. However, figuring out the age of the cosmos is a very separate issue.

Theory of coupling

However, Professor Gupta found that it is possible to interpret the redshift as a mixed occurrence rather than one. That is solely due to expansion by allowing this concept to reside with the expanding Universe.

He also offers Paul Dirac’s theory of changing coupling constants in addition to Zwicky’s worn-out theory of light.

Fundamental physical constants known as coupling constants control how particles interact with one another.

 Universe’s future lies in the hands of dark energy

Additionally, Professor Gupta proposes that the conventional understanding of the cosmological constant. Which stands for the dark energy in charge of the universe’s accelerated expansion, has to be updated.


Instead, he suggests a constant that explains how the coupling constants have evolved.

This adjustment to the cosmological model, according to Professor Gupta, “helps address the puzzle of small galaxy sizes observed in the early Universe, allowing for more accurate observations.”

Cosmologists are closing in on the ultimate processes that created and shaped the universe.



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