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Istanbul is a city of ancient civilizations and cultures

Istanbul is a city of ancient civilizations

Introduction of civilization of Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is a famous and historical city in Turkey. Which has thousands of historical secrets buried in its background. Istanbul is also call the bridge connecting Asia and Europe. Istanbul is a big city and its seaport is also very important.

Constantinople and Byzantium era of Istanbul

In the past it was known as Constantinople and Byzantium. Its history has hidden traces of countless cultures and civilizations.

Home of differnt religions

The importance of this city can estimate from the fact. That it has not only been the home of two different religions and nations. But has also been the capital of both religions. It has been the capital of the Byzantines and Ottomans.

Old Istanbul stands on triangular

Old Istanbul, which stands on a triangular peninsula. Between the walls of Europe and Asia. Has grown in importance over time. But its significance among Muslims has always  somewhat different.

Old name of Istanbul

The old name of Istanbul was name after Bezas. The leader of the Byzantine Greeks. Who is known in history to have taken the peninsula from the Thracian tribes and settled it as a town in 657 BC.

Roman Period of time

The city was destroy in 16 AD and the Roman emperor rebuilt it after his son and name it Augusta Antonina.  In 330 AD, the Romans made the city their capital. And named it New Rome, but Constantine’s name continue to be coined here until they ordered it to replace Constantia.

Greek Speaker eis tēn polin

At the end of the 1st century, the Greek speakers who settle there were called eis tēn polin. In the 13th century, the phrase began to  used as a city name. Days turned into weeks into months and years and years into centuries and the literal order kept changing.

Eis tēn polin changed to Istanbul

The historical name eis tēn polin change to Istanbul. The name change over the centuries, but the Turkish Post Office retained its old name until the 1930s. Old Istanbul is spread over 9 square miles. But present-day Istanbul is now much wider.

City of seven hills

Old Istanbul consisted of seven hills on which Constantine’s new Rome was built. These six hills lie. In a relatively isolated corner of the Golden Horn in the southwest corner. There are many historical monuments and mosques. Around the slopes of these mountains.

World Heritage site

In 1085, it was declare a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With a long culture, this peninsula is also known as the three Seas. It is the Golden Horn, the Bosporus, and the Marmara

Galta Tower

Istanbul Historical Landmark Galata Tower. Still stands as a historical symbol. Galata Tower is the star symbol of Istanbul. A stone tower on Beyoğlu Street. Which hides many secrets and traces of the history inside. It is said that because of this tower. The people of Istanbul never lose their way. Because all the major highways come out of this tower. For 1.4 kilometers for pedestrians. It combines the modern and the ancient. Taking pedestrians through its historical periods with the Galata Tower and Taksim Square on the same street.

Istiklal street

Walking down Istiklal Street is like traveling back in time. In Istiklal Street, glimpses of different eras are still visible. It is also a symbol of different historical eras. Nineteenth-century cafes and restaurants built on this street attract people’s attention.

Jinnah Jadisi(Cedesi)

Jinnah Jadisi(Cedesi) is another historical gem of Istanbul. It is a small residential neighborhood near Sultan Ahmet Square.

Honorly given name by founder of Pakistan

The neighborhood was named in honor of the founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, this neighborhood is famous for its Ottoman-era architecture and cobblestones, and narrow streets.

Famous for Historical buildings

Jinnah Street has several historic buildings. including the Small Hagia Sophia Mosque and the Eskoplo Mehmet Mosque. Both Ottoman-era masterpieces that still stand as symbols of Islamic architecture. And its ancient cultural heritage.

Ancient city Istanbul

Istanbul is an ancient city whose Istiklal Street. The famous Galata Tower, and its associated charms and unique and beautiful architecture. Are the corners of medieval history from which we can look at different periods of history.

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Historical sites of Istanbul

Visiting the historic sites of Istanbul is like stepping back in time. Or entering the time when Sultan Mehmet II conquered Istanbul. And called upon the architect Sinan to build it. No matter how much we explore, the history of this city. Which has been home to many cultures cannot be told in one day.

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