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Motivational speech impacts a good personality enhancement

Motivational speech impacts a good personality enhancement

Introduction of Motivational speech

Motivational speech impacts a good personality enhancement. In today’s modern era, where a person is suffering from difficulties, they needs a person who has a positive attitude to get rid of these difficulties, so that when his morale starts to weaken, then some such people will support him. Rather, its purpose is to promote a positive attitude among people.

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Needs Mental and moral Development

Nowadays, in schools, colleges and universities, people usually invite such motivational speakers especially to help in the mental and moral development of the students. With good morals are essential for social development. With morals and a healthy mind, we can help create a healthy and prosperous society.

Public Motivation is need

It is a fact that motivational speeches are needed as much as they are in today’s times. Earlier, once a week public motivational program “Zawiya” was aired, hosted by Baba Ashfaq Ahmed, he tried to remove the mental backwardness of the people in a very simple manner. As we are progressing in life, it is true that our quality of life is improving but our moral standard has fallen, in such a way we need to eliminate mental retardation in order to save our relationships.

Our society has never paid attention before

The reason why our society has never paid attention to these things is because it never occurred before, but now our society is suffering from mental retardation, for which it is necessary to organize colleges, universities, men’s conventions, so that people can develop mentally.

Other countries understand the importance of motivation

Other countries understood the importance of this need earlier than our society and they regularly introduced such healthy thinking people into the society who can make future generations civilized.

Someone needs Moral Support

In other societies, if someone needs such moral support, there are regular motivational speakers for them. It is arranged in such a way that there are many things that a person cannot say and they have a bad effect on his mood, so a day is set for such things so that everyone can come and vent their heart and special care is taken that anyone’s secrets remain confidential.

Human society are caused by unspoken words

Many evils in human society are caused by unspoken words which are better to say, but if they are not said, they become poison for man. Because it is a great tragedy of our society that we listen to one side and do not pay attention to the other side of many problems that we are facing.

Western Society

In Western society, people go to people for their treatment. Who prefer to listen to them. Instead of giving their opinion. It has an effect on their personality that those who are suffering from depression. Or going through a mental trauma feel calm. When they say all their innermost things in front of a motivational speaker. Similarly, some people get rid of their confusion by talking to each other in the form of a group.

Morals are important to us

It is true that mental confusion and moral depravity. Are two things which are great hindrances in the development of a nation. Although we have been aware of the fact of late that morals are as important to us. As our standard of living. Good morals, good quality of life, this is a great blessing of Allah Almighty. Instead of people using anti-depressants, it is better that our society come out of these moral evils and listen to each other. And improve our morals along with our quality of life.

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