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The World’s First Color-Changing Automobile is Displayed

Change the color of your car with an app: BMW announces color-changing automobile


Similar to the offerings of the majority of luxury automakers, the names of BMW models and trim levels can occasionally be long. With the exception of those who are familiar in the excess of numbers and fake phrases. That denote engine power and qualities, the titles are probably completely worthless to the average person.

BMW Vantablack

BMW is known for using its concept cars to push the limits of aesthetics. Like the Vantablack X6, the world’s first and only vehicle with a light-absorbing vantablack coating.


The iX Flow with E Ink and the i Vision Dee (Digital Emotional Experience)concept automobiles are two new mouthfuls from BMW. But unlike any other BMW or vehicle on the road. These two are a visual feast. They have ability to change in 32 colours.

How Can the Colour of a Car Change?

The colour changing technology isn’t paint. But rather a hybrid of an e-reader screen (like a Kindle or Nook screen) and a wrap (imagine a car wrapped in vinyl advertising graphics).

Material used in automobile for changing colour

The wrap is extremely thin. Laser-cut to suit each body panel exactly, and created to comply closely to the proportions of the totally electric SUV that will be displaying this technology. The wrap “contains many millions of microcapsules. With a diameter equivalent to that of a single human hair. According to BMW’s release. Each capsule includes positively charged black pigment and negatively charged white pigment. When electricity is applied to modify the charge, the pigments move to alter the colour of the automobile

BMW has showcased two colour-changing vehicles

In early 2022, the first iteration of the iX Flow was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. Although it was advertised as “the world’s first colour-changing car,”. The early iteration of BMW’s technology merely shifted from black to white. BMW debuted a fresh version of the technology on a separate concept car. Additionally i Vision Dee, for the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. This BMW is not only capable of 32 various colours. But the wrap is made up of 240 distinct pieces that can be independently controlled. In other words, according to BMW, it is capable of “an almost infinite variety of patterns,”. Which can be modified in seconds.

Colour-Changing Automobiles are harmful for our Environment or not?

Despite the labor and laser-intensive process used to create the colour-changing skin. BMW claims that “E Ink technology itself is extremely energy efficient. Because the technology draws power only when the actual colour change process is taking place, and it does not require power to maintain a colour change.

That declaration is supported by the fact that simple e-reader devices have an amazing battery life. When used only for reading rather than video or music.

Naturally, you’re curious as to whether BMW would ever provide automobiles with variable colours.. It’s acceptable to have doubts given that BMWs like the Vantablack concept will never be built and marketed. The technology is now being tested and improved.





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