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Apple GPT AI powered Chatbot

Apple GPT AI powered Chatbot

Introduction of Apple GPT AI powered

Apple company is always forward thinking in the world of technology and gadget race and trying to market something better now it is heard that Apple is developing its own AI-powered chatbot. It is called Apple GPT. The company hasn’t said anything publicly about it yet, but Bloomberg has revealed that various teams are working on resolving the privacy issues.

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Importance of User Privacy

The Apple company has always given importance to the privacy of its users, keeping in mind that the Apple company is creating its own chatbot, although this is not common yet, but Bloomberg magazine has revealed that Apple experts are researching it.

Apple has partnered with Google Cloud

Apple’s proprietary large-scale language (LLM) framework called “AJAX” has been created. Apple has partnered with Google Cloud to align its performance and development with modern requirements and uses Google’s own “AJAX” framework. It is designed to accelerate machine learning research. The goal of using AJAX is to increase the speed of machine learning and provide a regular platform for AI.

Technology providers rapidly building and bringing AI products

Technology providers such as Meta, Microsoft, and Google are rapidly building and bringing AI products to the public. Compared to all these companies, Apple has not yet introduced itself to the AI ​​market. Apple has not used AI technology created by any company, but it has been clearly reluctant to do so.

Apple vioce Assistant Siri

If we pay a little attention, Apple users know that AI technology was first introduced by Apple. Its most recognized AI system Siri worked as a voice assistant. In an interview given a few days ago, Apple’s CEO emphasized his keen interest in AI, revealing that he keeps a close eye on every new development in the world of technology. However, he also spoke about AI-enabled products and the challenges associated with them, and solutions to overcome them.

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Compines Cooperate AI

As AI advances, other technology companies are also mass-producing their own AI language models. They are very thorough in researching everything from start to finish. Meta, for example, made headlines and said it would also be available on Microsoft’s LLM and LLAMA2 platforms. In turn, Microsoft also runs OpenAI’s GPT on Bing.

How Apple innovate

However, Apple always takes into account the privacy of its users, that’s why its products are of quality and now Apple’s secret work on AI is making people curious. Apple users are happy that Apple company has not compromised with its quality and has put its engineers on advanced AI research so that Apple user’s trust in Apple company remains. How Apple innovates and uses it.

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