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Toyota Lunar Cruise regenerate fuel system

Toyota Lunar Cruise regenerate fuel system

Introduction of Toyota Lunar Cruise regenerate fuel system

Everything is innovating, and Toyota Lunar Cruise is also innovating. Toyota is developing a new system for refueling the Lunar Cruiser while on Earth with a readily available refueling system. The Lunar Cruise designed for the Toyota Lunar Polar Exploration Mission (LUPEX) is being developed by Japan’s Regenerate Fuel System for it to be on Earth. For this, Japan is developing a regenerated fuel system.

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Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

This Lunar Cruise is a Japanese company, which is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, also known as JAXA. It is developing a regenerative fuel system. While it was prepare, an update was receive from Ken Yamashita, who is the head of the project.

 Modern technologies

He note that when it is completed and modern technologies will be incorporated into it, the Lunar Exploration Mobility Works, where its design is being prepared, said that the Lunar Cruise Rover will be installed back on Earth, so it should have a regenerative fuel system, moreover, off-road driving performance should also be taken into consideration.

Regenerate Fuel System

Under this new regenerative fuel system. The fuel cell is capable of acting as a regenerative fuel. It is capable of converting hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water. Its dual mechanism by which the fuel. Can convert into water and electricity is an electrolyte that uses electrical energy to produce hydrogen and oxygen. The dual fuel system allows the fuel cell to switch between generating and storing energy.

Lunar Cruise face challenge

Lunar Cruise face a challenge during the days when moon does not rise. For example during the waning days of moon. It generate energy without sunlight during  moonlit nights. While it generate electricity for night hours by refuel hydrogen and oxygen during the day.

New Technical Application

Through this new technical application, many technical problems. Can help in the world. Many technical problems have already arisen. For this, it is necessary to keep a lot of hydrogen and water storage. Toyota’s refuel system cell. Will help in solving the technology problems. And get benefits from a refuel system.

Modern technology Work

Yamashita says about this that by putting this modern technology to work. Thanks to the development of RFC technology. The hydrogen produce by using sunlight can use. With the help of this, the competition of vehicles will be quite light.

An important role in the global circulation of life

This advance technology of Toyota can play an important role. In the global circulation of life and carbon neutrality. And is see as the advance technology of the future. Kind of new technologies that are not only environmentally friendly, but also very productive. And provide double benefits are like the light in the way of our future. The world is innovate in everything.

We live in a world that is constantly innovating.

The world is innovate in everything, this is a brand-new technology.Which it will definitely be a great invention in the life of car enthusiasts. After the modern technology the innovation in vehicle refuel systems. Will open new doors for humans in the developing world.

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