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Resurrection fire in Greece

Resurrection fire in Greece

Introduction To Resurrection fire in Greece

Resurrection fire in Greece Firefighters in Greece are trying to control the fire that has raged across the country as the fire has engulfed 82 percent of the forest. The fire started on Sunday, which was the hottest day on record in terms of heat.

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An Resurrection fire out on the Greek Island

An apocalyptic fire broke out on the Greek island of Rhodes, forcing the evacuation of 19,000 people, and the forests of Evia and Corfu were also engulfed in flames. Evia authorities have asked residents of four villages in the southern region to evacuate to the town of Keristos as the raging forest fire continues to spread.

Deputy governor of a central region of Greece

The deputy governor of a central region of Greece, Grigoris Keiladetis, who is from a nearby village in this area, informed the state agency ANA-MPA of the seriousness of the situation and said that the conditions are difficult. The fire can be up to two kilometers away, but due to strong winds and low humidity, the smoke from the fire is thick, which makes it difficult to breathe in the air. He further said that the northern area of ​​Evia was destroyed by fire in August 2021.

Old Athens Patras

On the other hand, fires that have forced people to evacuate on the northeast side of Corfu island and near the town of Adagios have broken out in the area of ​​North Peloponnese. Traffic was cut off on the national road to Old Athens Patras, which runs around the coast.

Ministry of Civil Defense And Climate Change

Ministry of Civil Defense it has been said by the Ministry of Climate Change that the state of emergency on Rhodes has started a massive displacement process due to the fires in the country’s forests.

Narrative of local police

The local police there say that 16 thousand people have been evacuated from twelve villages and many hotels by land and about 3 thousand people have been evacuated from there by sea. Six people were taken to hospital due to breathing problems. Officials further informed that a person suffered a broken leg due to a fall while leaving the hotel and was treated and another patient is also admitted to the hospital but is in better condition.

Rhodes International Airport

A large number of foreign tourists are waiting to return to their countries at Rhodes International Airport. Holiday package companies have canceled their packages TUI and Jet2 have suspended flights to Rhodes. The Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport announced that TUI 14 and Jet2 flights will take off from Rhodes airport at 3am on Monday morning. Officials said that 70,000 passengers took off from the airport on Saturday and Sunday, some of them arriving and some departing. Arrival and departure data is available.

British Tourist told British PA News Agency

British tourist Kevin Evans told Britain’s PA news agency. He and his three young children and his wife. Were evacuate twice on Saturday, first from Kiotari to Gennadi. And then as the fire move northeast and approach the grow northeast island. He told the news agency that most of the people in Gennadi. Those who had sent there from hotels add more. That some people were there who were only wearing swimsuits. And even not given a chance to pick up their belongings from the hotel. They told to leave their belongings at the hotel. Kevin added, that during the night. We saw fire on Mount Kyutari’s peaks, adding that almost all hotels were engulf in flames.

A Travel Agent talk to Press

Stelios Kotiadis, a Rhodes travel agent. In a statement to the Associate Press, he confirm that the move made in a hurry. He said that because of the terrible fire everywhere. A panic had broken out and the authorities overwhelmed. However, he said that the loot hotels. Are in much better condition than what is report on social media. If the Ministry of Civil Protection allows. They will open them and bring them in good condition very soon.

Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs says. There has been a set up of a help desk. At the airport of Rhodes to help passengers. The airline will provide assistance to passengers whose travel documents have lost.

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