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The mysterious death of a migrant penguin

The mysterious death of a migrant penguin

Introduction of mysterious death of a migrant penguin

A penguin is a beautiful sea animal. The number of dead penguins on the beach has become a mystery. It is said that the death of such a large number of Magellanic penguins may be due to over fishing or illegal fishing may be the reason behind it. However, nothing is clear yet.

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Victims of avian influenza

Uruguayan authorities were informed on Saturday that penguins have been mysteriously found dead on the eastern coast of Uruguay over the past 10 days, but the cause of their death was not known, and there was no evidence that they were victims of avian influenza.

Head of the Department of Zoology

Carmen Lizaguin, the head of the Department of Zoology, expressed her concern that it is possible that these juvenile melogenic penguins may have died in the Atlantic Ocean and were carried by the current to the coastal areas of Uruguay. Ninety percent of them died in the water. According to the samples taken from their dead bodies, they were empty stomachs without fat, and all the samples taken for avian influenza, i.e. bird flu, came back negative.

Magellanic penguins are native to southern Argentina

Carmen Lizaguin, head of the Ministry of Zoology, says that Magellanic penguins are native to southern Argentina. When the weather is cold in the southern hemisphere, they travel north in search of warm water and food and reach the coast of the Brazilian state of Espiritu Santo.

Not normal Large Number of penguins Die

Lizaguin added it is normal for a few animal or marines to die, but it is not normal for such a large number to die. Speaking further about this, Lizaguin said, a similar incident happened in Brazil last year, and the reasons for it are not even known. Nothing is clear yet.

Director of Laguna de Rocha

Additionally, Hector Camares, the director of Laguna de Rocha, has reported that he has found more than five hundred dead penguins along a six-mile stretch of the Atlantic coast. This is the highest number of dead penguins ever found. More dead went to the penguins.

Deaths of such large numbers of Magellanic penguins

The deaths of such large numbers of Magellanic penguins are being linked to environmental pollution and illegal fishing. “Since the 1990s and 2000s we have seen animals suffer from food shortages,” said Richard Tessor of the life-rescue NGO SOS Marine Wildlife.

A mid-level tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean

In addition, he says, a mid-level tropical storm in the Atlantic Ocean that hit the coast of southeastern Brazil in mid-July may have caused the cold weather to kill vulnerable marine animals.

Not Only Dead Penguin’s but also Marines

Tessor said he had seen not only dead penguins. But also dead petrels, albatrosses, seagulls, sea turtles, and sea lions. On the beaches of the Maldonado department east of the capital Montevideo in recent years.

Dead from low dissolved oxygen

In a similar incident last month. U.S officials said thousands of dead fish. Were found in Quintana Beach County Park. Along the Texas Gulf Coast in warm water “dead from low dissolved oxygen.”

Suspected to be due to marine pollution

However, the death of such a large number of marine organisms. Is suspected to be due to marine pollution. Or whatever is the cause of it all, nothing is clear yet. It is true that rising temperature and global warming have taken over everything. And wildlife may die due to high temperature or water pollution.

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