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Global food crisis U.N trying to overcome

Global food crisis U.N trying to overcome

Introduction to Global Food Crisis

Global Food crisis U.N trying to overcome. At the three-day meeting of the UN leaders held in Rome on Monday, they discussed ways to deal with the emerging food crisis at the global level. Where they talked about those dying of hunger, they also mentioned more than two billion people suffering from obesity and also discussed about the problems that the planet is suffering from food shortages and excesses and how to deal with them.

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Food shortage is becoming a global problem

This summit on food was held on the issue of food shortage and food insecurity in the world, in which various organizations of the United Nations have informed about the increase in the number of people suffering from food shortage. Food shortage is becoming a global problem. Many countries are suffering from food shortages. Due to changing weather conditions, some droughts and some standing crops are vulnerable to climate change.

United Nations Secretary-General

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutters, in his introductory speech at the opening of the World Food Crisis Conference, said that there is a wave of sadness in the world because people are dying of hunger and lack of food.

Global food system is collapsing

Globally, the world is facing a food crisis and the global food system is collapsing and billions of people are paying the price. Talking about it further, he said that more than seven hundred and eighty million people are suffering from hunger, he further said that almost one third of the food in the world is wasted. More than 780 million people worldwide are hungry, he said, even as nearly a third of the world’s food is lost or wasted.

Representatives of the United Nations subsidiary agencies that are relate to food were invite

While 462 million people are undernourished, more than 2 billion are concerned about obesity or being overweight, 462 million are underweight and two billion are obese due to overeating.
In this meeting, the representatives of the United Nations subsidiary agencies that are related to food were invited. Representatives from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the International Agricultural Fork Development (IFAD) and the World Food Program (WFP) also attended, along with representatives from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization located in Rome, Egypt.

Analyze the global food crisis

To analyze the global food crisis, they reviewed the entire activities related to food production, processing, transportation, and food consumption and concluded that making the system sustainable and efficient is a complex process. Because those who have money to buy food waste it by taking more food than they need instead of taking as much food as they need, they waste food by taking more than they need.

According to WFP Reports

In order to stop this food wastage, there is an urgent need to take steps to improve the food system in collaboration with various sectors and institutions. And adding actors, WFP reports that climate change, outbreaks of epidemics, especially the Covid-19 outbreak, the war in Ukraine and other conflicts have combined to increase the number of food insecure people by 122 million since 2019.

Guterres was concerned about Russia’s

The WFP monthly report estimates that between 691-783 million people suffered from food shortages last year. Guterres was concerned about Russia’s withdrawal from the grain agreement. According to which ships carrying grain from Ukraine. Will pass through the ports of the Black Sea. And upon the passage of which Russian President Putin has made a clear threat. That ships carrying food that will pass through the Black Sea. If they happen to belong to Ukraine, will blow up as ships full of explosives. The weaker section will pay the heaviest cost of this move. Guterres called the previous agreement a “lifeline for global food”.

Global Hunger
U.N Secretary General Antonio Gutters said that there is a wave of sadness in the world because people are dying of hunger and lack of food.

Guterres called for long-term aid

Guterres called for long-term aid of at least $500 billion a year. For vulnerable countries to invest in high-performing and efficient food systems.
IFAD says supporting $12 trillion. A year in social and economic costs is the same as doing nothing. Comparing the required disbursements to the World Food Agency’s. Revenues of just over $700 billion in subsidies from rich countries.

Adequate measures for food production

Adequate measures for food production. Unsustainable systems for food production to packaging and access to markets. And climate change are compounding the food crisis. Guterres further said that greenhouse gas emissions. Use up the world’s fresh and usable water, harming biodiversity. The conference comes two years after the first UN summit on post-2021. Food systems concerns and ahead of the Development Goals conference in New York in September.

Fulfilling the agreements and commitments

IFAD said that during this time. The three countries will review the progress of fulfilling the agreements and commitments. Made in the past to control the food crisis and find appropriate solutions to deal with the problems faced.

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