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Tesla Starts Making Dojo Supercomputers For Its Self-Driving Cars

Tesla Has Started Producing Dojo Supercomputers For Its Autonomous Vehicles


Tesla is creating a future where batteries, solar energy, and electric cars will all be used for clean environment. Tesla has led the way in system integration and connection in automobiles. As the impetus behind the development of the “software defined vehicle”. As a result, expenses have decreased, features have been enhanced, and updating capabilities has become more simpler. Even while the firm leads in other areas as well, Tesla significantly outperforms the competition in rapid software development.


Musk made the official announcement on August 19, 2021, during Tesla’s AI Day. The first “Training Tile” had been finished and delivered the week before. And Tesla presented information on the D1 chip and its plans for “Project Dojo,” a datacenter that would house 3,000 D1 chips, during AI Day 2021.[The Configurable Float8 and Configurable Float16 floating point formats and arithmetic operations were described in a “Dojo Technology” white-paper published by Tesla in October 2021.

 Dojo Supercomputer

In a crucial step towards reaching its aim of completely driverless vehicles, Tesla has started building the Dojo supercomputer. The Dojo supercomputer will direct Tesla’s fleet of autonomous vehicles to speed up its self-driving operations.

  • Autopilot: Tesla built the supercomputer known as Dojo for computer vision video processing and recognition to support its sophisticated driving assistance system, Autopilot. Dojo uses it to train its machine learning models. Dojo’s machine learning-focused approach led to a design that is substantially dissimilar from conventional supercomputer systems.Scalability is Dojo’s primary goal.
  • Interface Processor for Dojo: Tile arrays’ outside borders are occupied by Dojo Interface Processor cards (DIP). Which are plugged into the mesh. The DIPs are powered by host systems. Which also administer other aspects of the system. Capacity of DIP memory is 32 GB and I/O co-processor, together with Ethernet connections that circumvent the mesh. Each DIP card contains two input/output processors, four memory banks totalling 32 GB, and a bandwidth of 800 GB/sec.

Tesla Technology

Tesla outlined four crucial technological pillars that must be in place for vehicle autonomy to reliably operate on a global scale in its second quarter financial report for 2023. Having a sizeable real-world dataset, neural network training, advanced vehicle technology, and complex vehicle software are some of these pillars.

Dojo is an internally created and manufactured supercomputer that was initially revealed in 2021 during Tesla’s AI day. By allowing Tesla to increase the quantity of real-world driving recordings used to train its FSD neural net software, Dojo will hasten the development of fully autonomous vehicles.

GPU-based supercomputers

The largest and one of the most powerful Nvidia GPU-based supercomputers in the world, according to a story in The Verge, is already in Tesla’s possession. However, Tesla-designed processors are being used in the construction of the new Dojo supercomputer.

 Neural Network

With the launch of the Dojo supercomputer, Tesla has achieved substantial advancements in the field of effective and affordable neural network training. Tesla’s neural networks will become more intelligent and capable of autonomous driving thanks to this powerful supercomputer, which will significantly reduce the time and cost necessary for training.

Tesla features

Simply said, Tesla is creating Dojo, a powerful computer that will aid with the production of self-driving automobiles. Using real-world data and cutting-edge algorithms, this computer will teach Tesla’s cars to drive independently. In order to realise Tesla’s goal of widespread autonomous driving, this technology will be essential in making their vehicles safer and more capable on the road.

Improvements in Tesla

By the end of 2024, Elon Musk’s Tesla intends to invest more than $1 billion in Project Dojo. To create the software for self-driving cars, the Dojo supercomputer will be able to analyse enormous volumes of data, including films from Tesla automobiles. The ‘Dojo training computer’ is now in production, Tesla also acknowledged in its most recent earnings conference.

 Tesla Investment

The investment would be split between capital costs, research and development. Said Tesla’s chief financial officer Zachary Kirkhorn. He continued by saying that it is a part of a previously disclosed three-year expenditure estimate.

New Invention in Tesla

Tesla already has one of the biggest and most potent Nvidia GPU-based supercomputers in the world, according to a report in The Verge. However, Tesla is constructing the new Dojo supercomputer with CPUs created

Musk announced Tesla’s intention to make the supercomputer accessible to the public as a web service for the purpose of training machine learning models in a sequence of tweets that began with a reply to renowned software developer John Carmack.

Pricing Strategy

Elon Musk has said that the maker of electric cars is likely to keep decreasing the price of its vehicles if borrowing rates continue to rise. Due to its pricing strategy of lowering prices to boost sales, Tesla surpassed both profit and revenue expectations in the second quarter.

 Electrek’s Opinion

It’s difficult to think that Tesla. Which mostly makes cars, can compete with the Intels of the world. In the provision of supercomputing services. However, Tesla did create a true top-tier chip engineering team. And their work with the FSD chip and computer last year wowed. Like Elon mentioned, it’s preferable to think of Tesla as a series of a dozen separate businesses. And it appears that one of those firms is a super-computing startup.


What they want to do with it is far more intriguing. Then if Tesla was able to create such a potent computer. Dojo may represent a novel supercomputer design. That outperforms those now in use, or it may just be an isolated instance of one of these machines. We still don’t fully understand Dojo’s intelligence.

Dojo may become the next world’s most formidable supercomputer according to Tesla. But if that’s Tesla’s intention, their task will not be easy. Tech innovations that failed to gain market traction or even supremacy litter the history of computers.A swivel chair never made any good decision, according to General George Patton. For technology, the same is true. Press conferences don’t equal on-the-field triumphs. Tesla has not yet succeeded in the HPC area.



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