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The Reversal Of The Rotation: Venus And Earth

The Reversal Of Rotation Venus And Earth


The reversal of Rotation Venus and Earth will cause the sun to rise from the west and also cause the climate change.

How is the sun rising from the west?

If the earth starts rotating the other way, will the sun rise from the west?

Climate change or overheating

Climatic changes on earth such as overheating, changing of the summer season and the coming of autumn, the coming of winter, deep snow blanketing everything, falling of leaves, then the coming of spring and new leaves on young trees. And the blossoming of flowers and the return of heat are all due to the cycle of Venus. If this cycle is reversed, then surely something very bad will happen. Because everything that deviates from its path brings destruction with it. All this will happen due to the reverse rotation of the planet Venus.

Scientists discovered that Venus rotation is slowly change

When scientists investigated and discovered that Venus is slowly changing its rotation, many newspapers and news sites were in a frenzy with their own opinions. Considering it necessary, some said that it is not changing the rotation but it is reversing it. And some were emphasizing that the planet Venus is not changing its rotation, but its nature is to reverse. That means they were all trying to convince us that the planet Venus is rotating clockwise, it is anti-clockwise Can’t be

Earth Direction Change

But there is no need to worry about it because unless a bad meteorite hits the earth which completely messes up its orbit causing the earth to change direction only then is possible. Scientists have made predictions about this with their research, similarly, people of different religious groups of thought have made some predictions about it, such as in Islam, that the day the sun will rise from the West, all this is consistent with the fact that science What have the sages predicted about this day? Scientists who are constantly researching this seem to be somewhat convinced that the Sun will rise from the west instead of the east due to the orbit of the planet Venus.

Change is sudden unacceptable cause

There is no denying the fact that change is sudden and unacceptable and causes havoc everywhere, as seen now in global warming, which led to July being the hottest month on record. is being thought about. Because we can say that this change was not sudden, because the weather has been changing for the past few years. However, we have seen the destruction caused by this global warming on our climate planet, which is also called Venus.

Rotation of earth is reversed

If it continues to change like this, there may be such a catastrophe that everything on earth will be wiped out. And if the rotation of the earth is reversed, it will start rotating from west to east and it will be anti-clockwise. But scientists say that the environment will not change so fast. They say that the cause of destruction on Earth is the coming of supersonic winds, the coming of hurricanes, and the intensity of these storms increasing so much that everything on Earth will be engulfed by it and will cause destruction and life on Earth again. will end, but to a large extent scientists are trying to deny this, on the one hand, they are mentioning the change of the planet Venus, which is a climate planet, that it is changing its rotation.

Denying the changes

On the other hand, they are also denying the changes brought about by this change. It feels like they are hiding this fact or comforting themselves or maybe the general public.

Venus takes 243 Earth days to complete one Cycle

Venus takes 243 Earth days to complete one cycle, but the planet’s atmosphere rotates every four days. Because the planet’s atmosphere is such that there are very strong winds that rub against its surface. And this friction is what causes its rotation, it slows down its rotation speed and gravity also feels looser here.

Earth reverses its orbit

Unlike Venus, if the Earth reverses its orbit and starts to slowly change its spin, it won’t cause as much destruction. But the obvious change will be in our morning and evening. This will cause the sun to rise in the west and set in the east.

Venus planet
Venus is called Earth’s twin planet because it is similar in size and density to Earth, it is also called the Morning and Evening planet.Read More

Morning and Evening change

A noticeable change will be in our mornings and evenings. Sunrise will be in the west and sunset in the east. This will change our climates, make deserts greener, or shrink deserts. Now if the desert will decrease from 42 million square kilometers to 31 million square kilometers.

Desert become green

As most of the desert becomes green, trees will grow and have the capacity to store more carbon than before, and places that were previously green will become barren, such as northern China, southern Brazil, and so on in the southeastern United States. Oxygen will also be in excess, due to which the atmosphere will become cold.

Amazon will become Barren

The southwestern desert of America will turn into a southeastern desert. Similarly, most of the Amazon region will become barren. But it will not be as dry as it is now. The direction of the winds will change. And this change will fell most clearly. Similarly, the storms in the ocean which are currently moving from east to west. Will then move from west to east which means it will turn everything around.

Westerlies that carry warm sea air

The westerlies that carry warm sea air to Europe will. In contrast, bring strong air pressure from Russia. Which will cause an increase in the cold in the west of Europe. The ocean currents that bring heat, called AMOCs, will stop. Completely and replace by strong Pacific currents. Creating new deserts in Brazil and Cyanobacteria ruling the oceans. Gases will produce a lot of oxygen. Which will be enough for humans to survive.

Rotation of earth slow down

As the rotation of the earth slows down. Our days will get longer. It will be so much longer that it is difficult to predict. But there may be a possibility of stopping and reversing. The direction of its rotation. But the fact is that changes in lives. Sometimes bring destruction. And sometimes it brings good, but the change of Venus and Earth. Which seems strange and strange, may have long-lasting effects. Whether scientists deny it. Or make excuses for it, it is clear as day that the rotation of Venus is slowly reversing. And flipping or twisting can be a sign of disaster.

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