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Super Moons: Madness of Full Moon Nights

Super Moon and Madness of Full Moon Nights

introduction to Super Moon and madness of Moon

The Madness of  Super Moon and full moon nights. And the super moon craze and its mesmerizing spectacle. Make fans spend a lot of money to see the moon.

People Like to See the Moon

Many people like to see the moon. And if it is full Moon, many people like to see it. But if it is about touching the moon. Many people want to touch it. Here, touching the moon means the heights of development. But the moon we are talking about here is the moon that illuminates the sky, i.e., the full moon. So, all those who wish to see the moon in August 2023, they will get to see this sight twice, although it is very rare, that moon lovers love to see the moon. You will be able to see the moon twice in August.
Astronomers say that there will be two super moons in August and one of them will be a super blue moon which is very rare.

Super Moon

When the Moon is very close to the Earth, a super-moon can be seen. When it is very close to the Earth, it is fourteen percent larger and thirty percent brighter, and more visible. Stargazers and moon-gazing enthusiasts will be treated to not one but two super-moons this August, culminating in a beautiful and rare blue moon.

Passion Has No Value

It is said that passion has no value, every person who gets a chance to fulfill his passion must fulfill his passion. Similarly, the passion of many people is to look at the moon. There are also people who only look at the moon. Spending several dollars to go to places where the moon looks beautiful and lovely.
People will get to see the first moon on Tuesday, August 1, in the south-east direction

Moon Distance from Earth

It will rise from a distance of only 3 lakh fifty-seven thousand five hundred and thirty kilometers. That will be at a distance of two hundred and twenty-two thousand one hundred sixty-nine miles. For the second time, the Super Moon will be seen on Wednesday, August 30, at a distance of 357,344 kilometers from the Earth, and it will be the second Super Moon in the same month, and it will be blue in color. That is why it has been named Super Blue Moon.

Sunset on a Summer Night

Sometime after sunset on a summer night, the moon will rise in the eastern part of the sky, which will be slightly different in size and larger than the moon on normal days, according to retired NASA astronomer and physicist Farid Aspenk, nicknamed Mr. Eclipse. They say that moon watchers who look at it through binoculars will also be able to see traces of volcanic eruptions and lava flows from the moon through the telescope this time. And can also see the craters of the moon, but in this case, if the weather is not cloudy. If the sky clears, they will be able to see the bright moon in the sky and its beauty.

For protection from the evil of the moon, Allah says in Surah Al-Falaq in the Holy Quran. “And from the evil of the darkening (night) as it comes with its darkness; (or the moon as it sets or goes away).(Surah Al-Falaq-Ayat No:3). Read More

Royal Museum Greenwich

The Royal Museum Greenwich says, “Unless there are dark clouds in the sky, they will be able to see this full moon comfortably. Otherwise, the moon will be an inconspicuous white orb. Even a small telescope will be enough to see the moon clearly.” will remain. And those who are keen to see it can also take beautiful pictures of it. But with a normal human eye, you can see the surf moon, you will need a telescope to see its beauty. Moon appears to be a surprising sight, as it will appear much larger than the normally visible moon.

Moon Cycle

A full moon lasts approximately 29.5 days each month during which the moon completes its cycle. Because the moon’s orbit is not circular, it is elliptical, but when it appears round, that is when it appears closer than others.
Italian astronomer and founder of the Virtual Telescope Project, Gianluca Massi, says that the last two full super moons in the same month were in 2018, and now it’s happening in 2013, and then it will be full again in 2037. There will be a super blue moon.

Colosseum in Rome

On Tuesday evening, Mr. Massey will provide a live webcast of the evening moon-rise over the Colosseum in Rome. In this regard, he said that my plan is to show the full beauty of the moon. That supermoon gives an opportunity to see and explore the sky.

Super-moon Appears Larger than the Normal Moon

On his website, Mr. Massey explains why the supermoon appears larger than the normal moon, saying that it is closer to Earth that night and hides the darkness of the night in its beauty, making it brighter and brighter. It was said that the moon brings with it beautiful memories and beauty to the earth. Looking at it, one feels that it is a big disc. But this is an illusion of vision due to the presence of vision and the earth element. Because of this, we consider the moon to be a big disk.

Mercury And Mars

However, NASA says that Mercury and Mars, which we can see with the naked eye, will appear in the sky on Tuesday as soon as the moon rises. The first supermoon of the year was observed in July while the last and fourth supermoons will be observed in September۔

Sturgeon Moon

History bears witness that the moon has always been given different names. Hundreds of years ago, the moon in the month of August was named the Sturgeon Moon because according to the Old Farms Almanac, there was an abundance of fish in the great lakes of North America in the month of August that year. It was named Sturgeon Moon.

Mental Patients or Lunatics

However, many traditions are known about the moon, and for those who are suffering from psychological or some kind of mental illness, the nights of the full moon are no less than a punishment for them, it has very bad effects on their mind. That is why mental patients are also called lunatics.
Those working in the hospital say that there is an increase in the number of patients in the hospitals during the nights of the full moon.

Blood Pressure level Increase in Full Moon Nights

Because the blood pressure is higher on the nights of the full moon as compared to normal days, therefore blood pressure heart patients and patients who suffer from mental or blood diseases are likely to increase their disease, so those who see the moon Those who are interested should fulfill their passion by watching the moon, but also take care of their health and that of their loved ones because health is a thousand blessings. If you stay healthy, you will get opportunities to see the moon Again.

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