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Get Rid of Rats with Cloves A herbal Method

Get Rid of Rats with Cloves A herbal Method

Get Rid of Rats with Cloves A herbal method by which you can get rid of rats forever. These ingredients in hot spices can relieve a major problem for which we use different types of toxic sprays and sprays.

Introduction Of get Rid Of Rats

If you have mice in your home, it is a big problem especially if mice in the kitchen mean your food is unsafe.  Rats grow very fast, and the poison used in the spray to kill them can have a profound and negative effect on your health, so deal with it early because rats breed very quickly.  and then getting rid of them becomes a big problem.

Some Use Old Techniques

As soon as they see rats, they adopt many old methods, some people put poison on bread and keep it near the rats’ nest, and some people trap the rats by putting bread in the trap and some people do this.  It is agreed that apart from these traditional methods, there should be a permanent management of rats which will get rid of rats forever and the environment will also be clean.

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We have finally started to notice that there is real curative value in local herbs and remedies. In fact, we are also becoming aware that there are little or no side effects to most natural remedies, and that they are often more effective than Western medicine.(Anne Wilson Schaef)Read More


There is a method by which you can get rid of rats. Well, there are many ways to get rid of rats. There are some old methods, but today I will tell you a method that is very different.  No need to spray or disinfect your kitchen, this method is very different. Cloves are usually an important ingredient in hot spices, but cloves can also be used to repel rats.  Of course, it sounds strange but the truth is that you can get rid of mice with cloves.

Eugenol Substance

Cloves are also famous for their unique taste and aroma; however, cloves contain a substance called eugenol, which has a strong and unique aroma.  Research suggests that mice dislike this scent, as mice have a very sensitive sense of smell.

Food spoilage

The eugenol present in cloves has the ability to reduce the odor of food so that rats will not be able to spoil your food. It can be said that this way you can protect your food from rats.

Delicious Clove

This means that mice can be warded off with cloves. To ward off mice, you should keep this delicious clove in a place where mice are most likely to visit.  Since the smell of cloves is strong and the sensitive nose of mice is capable of smelling it, they can smell it from a distance.  And they try to avoid this smell because these smells affect their communication system.

Flowery Buds

This small clove with flowery buds can keep your house safe from rats. In addition to your house, you are also protecting the valuables of your house from rats that chew on them. Therefore, clove is something that Rats run away from.  Science says that the smell of cloves disturbs their communication system. In other words, the disruption of their communication system will affect the whole community. And it is disturbing for them.

Metabolites are Affect

The idea of ​​using the scent of cloves to repel rats is actually based on University of California research that found plant secondary metabolites to be very effective and successful as repellents, which usually drive rats from your kitchen to your home.  Can be helpful in flushing.  Keep cloves in the house in a place where mice are likely to come to get rid of mice.

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