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Without Using An Aircraft, Danish Guy Travelled To Every Country

Thor Pedersen, A Danish Guy, Has Walked Throughout Every Nation In The World


Pedersen said in an interview that The impetus came from realising that it had never been done before. I also get the idea that the highest mountains, the deepest seas, and the North and South Poles have all been visited. Additionally, taking it was entirely free. Pedersen set out some guidelines for himself. Each country would see him for at least 24 hours, and he wouldn’t leave until he was through. He would also make an effort to limit his spending and stick to a daily budget of roughly $20 US. On May 24, that day finally came. Pedersen left the Maldives, his 203rd and last stop, after successfully completing his long-awaited journey home to Denmark after more than ten years of travel. Flying would have been easier, but Pedersen wanted to complete the task.


Talking about his experiences, he said Actually, one of them is an American national. Though I believe it’s becoming increasingly common. I was lucky to be present at Cape Canaveral when a rocket was sent into space. However, I had never witnessed anything leave our planet. Many years later, I went to a small Solomon Islands settlement with no running water or electricity.

They also asked whether I had any films, and I said that I did have a laptop. I then showed them a movie, which was a pretty strange experience. And there were maybe 80 people crowded around my laptop from all around the country. According to the media outlet, he claimed to have been to every country on the earth without using an aircraft in 3,512 days. Thor asserts to have travelled to 203 countries despite the fact that there are 195 countries on the UN’s official list because he factored in disputed territories.

Travelling For Ten Years

Prior to departing in 2013, Pedersen worked in shipping and logistics, which proved to be crucial experience for planning the convoluted route and making adjustments along the way. He really stuck quite close to his initial plan, with the exception of a few surprises. For instance, he missed Equatorial Guinea, which is among the most challenging nations to enter. Pedersen ultimately obtained a visa after four months and several fruitless efforts. He was able to cross despite the fact that land borders were shut at the time owing to a chance meeting with a stranger who worked in Equatorial Guinea and provided him a ride.

When I think back to Hong Kong, it seems a little paradoxical. In some strange way, it was both the worst and the finest period of my life. I had to deal with the issue; it was very difficult to decide if I should give up on the project nine nations before it was finished, remembers Pedersen. How much of my life would I devote to this? I had to question myself. But as I waited for the world to open, I established a life in Hong Kong and created a lot of meaningful connections.

 An Emotional Return Home

There were reportedly more than 150 people waiting to greet Pedersen from all over the country. When he returned by ship in his native Denmark on July 26 after travelling to 203 nations without using a plane in 10 years. Additionally, Pedersen published some of his extensive journey’s data. His wife Le (Pedersen proposed to his girlfriend on the summit of Mount Kenya in 2016; the two was married in 2021), father, brothers, friends, project partners, and numerous admirers. Who have been following his blog, Once Upon a Saga, and social media channels were among the applauding throng. Since I returned, “I’ve seen many tearful eyes; people have come up to hug me sobbing,” adds Pedersen. I also got a lot of gifts, including Danish beer, milk, and food. And I got to meet individuals who had been following me on social media in Colombia, Australia, and Norway.



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