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Dream, Plan, Innovate and Let’s #MakePakistanEpic



Samsung Pakistan has established itself as a symbol of hope, tenacity, inspiration. And resiliency for its country in a world full of difficulties. The Samsung Pakistan has always promoted positivism and elevated spirits via its endeavours, acting as a source of motivation and hope.

Independence Day Campaign

In these times let’s ignite the flame of Hope. Dream, Plan, Innovate and Let’s #MakePakistanEpic Here’s an ode to those who broke all barriers and shared the epic!
Who dreamt and changed the world through their lens, Who planned and conquered the world on their fingertips,Who ignited the spark of innovation and showed the world how everyone can.

These extraordinary people, along with many others, have the support, resources, and platform provided by Samsung Pakistan to help them overcome obstacles and succeed. As a company, Samsung Pakistan is aware that cooperation is the basis for real advancement, and it takes great delight in assisting people who persevere in the face of difficulty.

Samsung Pakistan’s Commitment

The Samsung Pakistan’s commitment to creating a climate that supports dreamers, planners, and innovators. After all it not only empowered people but it also helped to create a narrative that emphasises the enormous potential of the country. They are  setting out on a path to reinvent what is possible, inspiring future generations via its initiatives, collaborations, and support systems.

This Independence Day Offer

Avail the most epic offer on Galaxy S23 Ultra. Although the  original price of this model is Rs 560,000.00 but after this independence offer the price is reduce now Rs 514,999.00. You can save Rs 45,001.00.

Features And Specs Of Galaxy S23 Ultra

The storage of the phone is 512GB/12 GB. ROM memory is part of the indicated memory space is occupied by pre-installed content. For this device, the space available to the user is approximately 87% of the total memory capacity indicated. This model is available in 4 different colors. That are green, phantom black, lavender and cream. And along with this you can avail your complimentary Galaxy Buds2 Pro via Samsung Member app. As well Enjoy free delivery from every order.

What’s Include In The Box?

In the box there is a smartphone, data cable and ejection pin. As been noted the minus point is Galaxy S23 Ultra does not include travel adapter. 

How People React On This Offer

On every point there are two types of people. One are the those who encourage you and put positive comments. Second one are those who always discourage you no matter what are you doing and put negatives remarks. On different social media where Samsung ads are running about this offer people comments are. Like they say Samsung is trying to sale old version of their phone. Above all people and world has moved to fold 5 and flip 5. Moreover some people also wish about this phone but they cannot afford. They have wish to buy this model but can’t afford it because still price is very high. And some also like the idea. They say amazing love the idea behind this.



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