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Dementia is a Common Mental Disorder

Dementia is a Common Mental Disorder

Dementia is so common nowadays that people usually don’t pay much attention to it and consider it a normal thing.

Introduction To Amnesia

There are many health problems and one of the major problems that people pay less attention to is the problem of dementia or Amnesia.  But there are a few ways to get rid of it, one is to pay attention to your diet and use a diet that can reduce the disease of dementia.

There are some tips that if followed, can get rid of this disease.

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 Sage Tea

 Sage is a herb that has many benefits for the mind and memory.  Teak herb is considered as a spice because of its pungent aroma.  Sage tea promotes cognitive function and may also be helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. A 2017 research review has shown that Sage tea contains beneficial compounds for neurological function.


Turmeric is a spice that has been used for a long time in Ayurvedic medicine. Use your daily Routine. Add it to curries. Cur cumin, an ingredient in it, is beneficial for both mental health and general health.  According to a study published in 2010, turmeric improves mental health and clears the brain to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  Apart from this, turmeric prevents damage to the brain and nervous system and protects mental health.

Ginkgo biloba

 Herb Ginkgo biloba has long been an herb used in Chinese medicine to treat mental disorders.  Ginkgo biloba is known to increase blood flow to the brain and help improve brain function.


This herb combats memory loss and is one of the most important herbs for reducing age-related dementia.  Ginseng is considered to be the most well-known herb in traditional medicine.

Melissa Tea

Melissa is an herb commonly consume in tea form. This tea is often use to relieve anxiety and insomnia.  Melissa Tea also supports mental health.  According to some research, Melissa tea is consider to a wonderful herb for memory recovery and mental disorders.

Green Tea

Many types of tea is commonly use in the treatment of almost every disease.  This tea with multiple benefits is also useful in getting rid of constipation.  This tea has a pleasant taste, and people usually use it to reduce obesity, but they may not be aware of its other benefits.  It not only keeps a person fit and healthy but also has the ability to remove laziness.

Seven hundred thousand people who have dementia in this country are not hear. I’m fortunate; I can hear. Regrettably, it’s amazing how people listen if you stand up in public and give away $1 million for research into the disease, as I have done.(Terry Pratchett)Read More

Pomegranate Juice

 If you have persistent amnesia, you can use pomegranate juice to treat it.  Pomegranate juice protects and repairs brain cells.  In this way, the elements that cause forgetfulness also eliminate.  People suffering from amnesia can use pomegranate juice to get rid of this disease on a permanent basis.


The omega-3 acid in walnuts helps control irritability and strengthens memory.  For this reason, dry fruits such as walnuts and hazelnuts should consume throughout the day, but be careful not to exceed a handful of them, because consuming more than a handful can have negative effects on your health instead of benefiting you.  You may be suffering from obesity.


Another Fruit or vegetable contains an abundant amount of lycopene which protects the memory from all negative elements.  This is the reason why people with weak memory advise to consume tomatoes. Tomato not only protects the body from all free radicals but is also very beneficial for brain function, it can help you to sharpen your memory.


Green Vegetables is rich in iron specially spinach leaf.  And apart from this, it also contains plenty of folic acid. Folic acid strengthens the memory and keeps it fresh.  You can relieve or even eliminate the complaint of extreme dizziness by consuming spinach.

Get Rid Of this Disease

In the end, I want to say that, these are some of the ways by which you can get rid of the disease of wandering and get rid of it. This disease is annoying for everyone. Often people lose their very important things like important documents due to this wandering disease. Keeping and forgetting Keys Forgetting and many more examples but these are a few tips by following which you can get rid of this disease.

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