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Living at $1 a Year in Fuggerei: A Glimpse Historic German Village

Explore Fuggerei, Where Rent Hasn't Changed Since 1520 and the Charm of Simplicity Prevails

Imagine paying just $1 to live for an entire year in a charming German village that feels like stepping back in time. This dreamy scenario is a reality in Fuggerei, a place where history, community, and affordable living come together.


Nestled in the heart of Germany, Fuggerei stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a community that has maintained its rent rates for over five centuries. As urbanization and skyrocketing living costs become a global concern, this quaint village offers a unique and inspiring perspective on sustainable living.

The Fascinating History of Fuggerei

Back in Time: Founded in 1520 by Jakob Fugger, a wealthy merchant, Fuggerei was established to provide affordable housing for the less fortunate. This initiative was a response to the economic hardships faced by many during that era.
Timeless Rent: The most remarkable aspect of Fuggerei is that the rent for its colorful houses has remained the same since its inception. Tenants pay a symbolic annual fee of just $1 and three prayers for the Fugger family’s well-being.

Living in Fuggerei Today

Charming Architecture: Fuggerei boasts cobblestone streets lined with charming houses, adorned with flower-filled gardens and traditional architecture. This creates a picturesque atmosphere that feels straight out of a storybook.
Close-Knit Community: With approximately 150 residents, Fuggerei exudes a strong sense of community. Neighbors know each other, support one another, and partake in communal events, fostering bonds that transcend generations.

The Fuggerei Experience: What to Expect

Residency Criteria: While living in Fuggerei seems like a dream come true, there are specific requirements. Residents must be Catholic, of good character, and have lived in Augsburg for a minimum of two years.
Daily Life: In this serene village, life moves at a slower pace. Residents enjoy the beauty of simple pleasures, from strolling in the gardens to sharing stories with fellow villagers.


“Fuggerei isn’t just about low rent; it’s about preserving a way of life that nurtures connections.” – CEO & Founder of MYI Digital – Muhammad Yasir Imam

The Significance of Fuggerei

Historical Legacy: Fuggerei serves as a living testament to the legacy of philanthropy and compassion. It reminds us of the positive impact individuals can have on society.
Inspiring Sustainability: At a time when housing affordability is a global concern, Fuggerei’s model encourages us to rethink how we can create sustainable communities that prioritize the well-being of all.


The story of Fuggerei is not just about affordable living; it’s about preserving history. So nurturing community, and embracing a simpler way of life. This German village offers a glimpse into a world where human connection and harmony with nature take precedence over materialism.



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