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Asad Abbas tragic end of the tragic story of Pakistan Singer.

Asad Abbas tragic end of the tragic story of Pakistan Singer.

Asad Abbas singer was a versatile all-rounder from Pakistan who was suffering from kidney disease for a long time.

Introduction To Asad Abbas Singer

He sang many incredible songs for Pakistan and performed many foreign showmen for Pakistan. Asad Abbas is no more. Life is very uncertain, in one moment it is there in the next moment it leaves our hand and goes away from us so far away that there is no trust in life.

Some Accidents Are Difficult to Accept.

Life sometimes shows something to a person that the mind of a person is not ready to accept this fact for some time. In fact, life is a strange game of surprises and sorrows, in which there are moments of happiness and some people’s lives are forever. For some people there is happiness and for some people this happiness is momentary. No one knows what fate has in store for us tomorrow. Many people reach the heights of success, gain honor and fame from life, and soon they sleep forever covered with a blanket of dust. This is life, such a super thing. Happened to star singer Asad Abbas who performed countless times across the world and gave beautiful music to Pakistan.

Death is Reality of Life
It is not the end of the physical body that should worry us. Rather, our concern must be to live while we’re alive – to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are.(Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)Read More

Asset Of Pakistan

Asad Abbas was a Pakistani singer and an asset of Pakistan, a Sangeet icon, and a winner of the Lux Style Award in Music. He sang as a lead singer with Mikail Hasan Band. Presented his songs in performances and concerts all over the world and represented Pakistan in the music industry. Apart from this, he created the magic of his voice on the tunes of famous musicians. Asad Abbas worked tirelessly right from making the songs to singing the title song “Kadi Aa Mil Sanul yar vey” of Raqs-E Bismal.

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Battle for Life

Asad was battling with his illness, he was suffering from a kidney disorder. Because his kidneys had failed, and for seven years. He spent all his wealth earned to cure his condition for his life. Asad’s two houses had been spent on furniture and other items. Which looked like a miracle of recovery, but the miracle of recovery could not happen. After living a life of great luxury, circumstances brought him to the point where he had to appeal for help for his treatment.

Get Rid of Pain

He was under treatment in America and he needed 5 crores for his treatment. He was in a coma due to the severity of the pain and today he finally got rid of this pain forever. Asad was going through a huge crisis at that time. Live with your real creator. He suffered a lot until the moment of his death. May Allah his next journey on the other side of life easy.

No More

Initially, he was being treated in a hospital in Islamabad. From where he went abroad for a transplant. One of his brother’s kidneys was matched with his. But after a year and a half, that kidney also failed. But now it is painful. It has been heard that Asad Abbas, who was the famous Asset of Pakistan, is no more.

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