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Fragrance Fills Life with Color and Happiness

Fragrance Fills Life with Color and Happiness

Everyone likes fragrance. Everyone uses it. Fragrance is very important in our daily life. Soaps, shampoos, body washes, body sprays and perfumes seem to be the world without fragrance. Flowers are grown for some people pick flowers from their garden and keep them in the drawing room or sitting room of the house so that the room smells good.


However, now neurologists have found out in a study that fragrance at night is beneficial for human memory and it also enhances human abilities. It is said that by smelling at night, demons or supernatural powers can dominate you and take over you, but these things are just a reflection of stereotypical thinking. Neurologists say that smelling at night helps to keep your mind alive. As we age, there are significant changes in our perception. These changes usually weaken our sense of smell. Modern research has found that perhaps the easiest way to increase mental capacity is to breathe in scented air that boosts our mental capacity.

Neurobiology Research
Researchers at the UCI Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory recently conducted a study. They asked older adults to place scents near their beds for just a few hours each evening. Participants were exposed to different scents while they slept, so the researchers aimed to find out how scents affect their cognitive abilities and their memory.

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Memory Recall

The experiment yielded surprising results. Very elderly people who were exposed to this scent improved their word recall memory by 226 percent, and their thinking ability was also noted to increase compared to normal. But it is said that the ability to understand weakens with age.

Solving Memory Issues

The surprising results of the experiment, published in Frontiers in Neuroscience, may lead to a promising way to prevent age-related memory loss, a way to prevent memory problems that occur with aging. And, instead of getting any memory boosting treatment, just smell the scent while you sleep and enjoy the results. There are several advantages to this method, including its simplicity and effectiveness

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.(Mark Twain)Read More

Fragrance has a direct connection to memory.

 Unlike signals from the eyes, ears, and other senses, scents from your nose go directly to your brain and you can identify scents, which suggests that scent information also goes directly to your brain. The signals sent to our mind by scent directly affect our memory and help us to sharpen our memory. Michael Yasa, author of the study of fragrances, explains the olfactory sense of smell is directly related to the brain’s memory cells. Unfortunately, it turns out that our sense of smell is closely related to memory, but what if preventing the loss of smell could help sharpen memory as we age?


In the UCI study, 68-year-old adults kept seven different scents by their bedsides every night for six months. The scents were refresh each evening, and a cartridge was load each evening. The scents included rose, lemon, orange, lavender., included scents of eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary. Participants in the study walked between the fresh, scented scents each night before going to bed.

After Six Month Exposure

After six months of inhaling different essential scents at night, the older adults showed significant improvements in overall memory.

A simple nightly ritual to strengthen your mind

According to researcher Michael Levin, in fact, people over the age of sixty have a sense of perception falling off a cliff. Provides ease of control. Catch-up or leave-taking Playing brain games In contrast to all of these, smelling scents while sleeping can make a difference to vivid memory. Instead of mind-strengthening exercise, smelling perfume at night is a thousand times better than exercise. It is important for busy business people to use fragrance to calm their mind and improve mental immunity and memory. However, now it has come to light. That if you include fragrance in your life. It will have a good effect on your memory. It will give you good sleep and your mental abilities will emerge.

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