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PCB Releases New Promo Video With Imran Khan After Backlash

Initial Reception and Feedback

To mark Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) released a promo video, highlighting key moments of triumph and unity in the nation’s cricketing journey. The video garnered mixed reactions and was revised due to feedback from cricket enthusiasts. They felt the omission of Imran Khan, a cricket legend, did injustice to his role in Pakistan’s cricket history.

Honoring Imran Khan’s Legacy

The first version showcased significant global victories by the Pakistan cricket team, excluding the iconic Imran Khan. Fans expressed disappointment, stressing his vital role in the 1992 Cricket World Cup win.

PCB’s Swift Response

Acknowledging this sentiment, the PCB quickly revised the video to comprehensively represent cricket history. The updated version not only pays tribute to Khan’s captaincy during the 1992 World Cup triumph but also underscores his lasting inspiration.

Inclusion of Women’s Cricket Achievements

The video also extends beyond men’s cricket, spotlighting the Pakistan women’s cricket team. Their success in the Asian Games underscores their rising significance and impact on the global cricket stage.

Recent Achievements in Men’s Cricket

Additionally, the video highlights the notable success of Misbah ul Haq’s team in 2016 Test matches, a milestone in Pakistan’s cricket resurgence and performance in the traditional format.

Comprehensive Tribute and Reflection

The revised video reflects the PCB’s commitment to portraying Pakistan’s cricketing journey fully. Addressing fans’ concerns and showcasing a broader range of achievements, it serves as an inspiring reminder of the nation’s cricketing victories, challenges, and continuous evolution.



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