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White Hole is a Time Reversal of Black Hole

White Hole is a Time Reversal of Black Hole

White Hole is a Time Reversal to a black hole, meaning that a white hole is the opposite of a black hole.

Introduction To White Hole

To understand the nature of white holes, we first need to examine black holes, with which we are only slightly familiar. Black holes are regions of total gravity where gravity overwhelms all other forces in the universe and compresses any matter to an infinitely small point called a singularity. Nothing survives, not even light.

Reversal of Black Hole

Now, if we reverse this entire process of a black hole, then the black hole will disappear and, in its place, a white hole will come into being that emits rays and particles. Now if a star were to hit it, it would end up above the surface instead of being pulled in, but the light would remain intact and the white light would be glowing in the center.

Scientific Point of View

But if this happens, white holes would be even stranger than black holes from a scientific point of view. They would still have a singularity at their center and a mass of gravity still at their boundary, but any material that entered the white hole would be immediately ejected at speeds well above the speed of light. Because of this, the white hole will emit a streak of extreme white light that will extend for trillions of miles. Accordingly, nothing outside the white hole of a black hole can ever enter it.

White Hole Exist

Now if we talk about whether these white holes exist in the universe or not, then the answer is absolutely no. There are several arguments against the existence of white holes, but one of the main arguments is that they violate the second law of thermodynamics, which states that entropy (a measure of disorder) in a system cannot decrease with time. Now, if there were white holes, they would always emit energy and matter, which is a hindrance to the stability of the universe.

White holes are theoretical cosmic regions that function in the opposite way to black holes. Just as nothing can escape a black hole, nothing can enter a white hole. Read More

Opposite of Black Hole

The theory of white holes suggests that they function in the opposite direction from black holes. Just as nothing can escape from a black hole, nothing can enter a white hole. Just as we can say that everything that goes into a black hole is lost or swallowed up. As Paul Davis said in his book. In Einstein’s incomplete theory, he gave the example of two twin sisters. And explained how much time difference there was between one sister who went into space and the sister who stayed on Earth.


And the sister on earth who was monitoring the sister. Going to space noted that the signals from her sister had stopped. Reaching a specific place that she thought her sister had lost. Or by entering a black hole. However, since that book is about Einstein’s incompleteness theory and here, we are talking about white holes in general.

Exploding Stars

White holes have long been thought to be a body of general relativity created by the same equations, and scientists are fairly steadfast in their view that white holes are the dead bodies of exploding stars. However, some theorists want to know.

Two Directions

Are these two twin vortices of space-time not two sides of the same coin? According to what the spacecraft saw from a distance. There is a white hole near the black hole that can rotate. It is impossible to believe until it is in front of us. Carlo Rovelli, a theoretical physicist from Physique Theorize, who is from France, said while talking about this.


Physicists describe a white hole as a “time reversal” of a black hole. While a black hole is a region on the event horizon of no return. A white hole is an object with an entrance limit. Is the most exclusive part of spacetime; no spacecraft can ever reach the edge of this region Objects. Inside a white hole can exit and interact with the outside world. The interior separates itself from the universe’s past since nothing can enter it. However, scientists agree on this. That a white hole is a time reversal of a black hole.

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