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Evacuation Warning has been issued in California

Evacuation Warning has been issued in California due to Hurricane Hillary

Evacuation Warning has been issued in California due to Hurricane Hillary. The storm’s north-to-northwest track in the Pacific remained open late Saturday night, with hopes of reaching Mexico’s Baja California.

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Introduction to California Warning Issued by National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center issued a forecast for rain and devastating and deadly flooding in drought-stricken areas, prompting evacuation warnings to issue ahead of landfall in California End of the week.

Mexican State of Baja

The Category 2 hurricane, which weakened on Friday, is expected to make landfall in the Mexican state of Baja California on Saturday night or Sunday morning, bringing scattered showers and thunderstorms Saturday night or Sunday morning. It is expected. As of Saturday afternoon, the hurricane was moving north-northwest at 17 mph, with sustained winds of 110 mph, the weather center reported.

Tropical Storm

The Pacific storm has strengthen from a tropical storm to a Category 4 hurricane within 48 hours, according to the Weather Center, and is expect to make landfall as soon as it weakens. Millions of people in the state under a tropical storm warning, the first time a tropical storm warning has issue in Southern California. Border and extends as far inland as Palm Springs. The weather center report that Cyclone Hilary was affect by southwest ocean moisture on Saturday, prompting a flood warning.

The Weather Center issued an evacuation warning

The impact won’t be high until tomorrow night, but it will intensify as time goes on. Today is the last day to complete all evacuation preparations, meteorologist Jordan Overton told the Weather Center.

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Evacuation Warning
The California Weather Center has issue a warning for Hurricane Hillary and ask residents to prepare for any eventuality and to prepare to evacuate.Read More

California Emergency Manager

Michael Alford, the Temecula, California emergency manager, ask residents to prepare for possible threats on Saturday. We’ve given them access to sandbags at the local fire department. We are saying this only as a precaution so that no accident happens. The emergency manager further said that he is use to deal with floods such as forest fires and low-level floods in California, which classify as moderate floods, but not floods of this magnitude.

Southern City

The storm which is now moving towards the southern city of Baja, California, is the first time they have encountered it, so they issued a storm warning and asked Logan to be ready to evacuate. He further said that we are our people. will make every possible effort to protect them from the coming dangers. and will tell them every way to deal with it, by which our people may be able to save themselves under your help.

California Department of Transportation

Heavy rains have engulfed many parts of California. The California Department of Transportation has asked its residents to limit their activities in view of the flooding. Flooding forced the closure of San Diego-area Highway 98 in Ocotillo on Saturday.

Country Sheriff’s Office

In anticipation of the heavy rains, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office. Has issued emergency orders in Oak Glen. Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village. Angeles Oaks and NEU has issued transportation notices for residents of Ukiah.

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