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Disneyland Resort Closed Early Due to Tropical Storm Hillary

Disneyland Resort Closed Early Due to Tropical Storm Hillary

Disneyland Resort closed early due to Tropical Storm Hillary Universal Studios Hollywood remained open Monday. Disneyland Resort theme parks were closed early due to Tropical Storm Hillary.

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Disneyland Resorts Southern California closed early Sunday while management at Universal Studios Hollywood said it would remain open Monday as Tropical Storm Hillary wreaked havoc in the region. The Disneyland Resort close at 10 p.m. On Sunday, Disney California Adventure was close at 9 pm instead of 12 pm. The park management confirm that the park will close at 9 pm instead of 10 pm. The park’s dining and shopping area, which normally closes at 1 a.m., is closed at 11 p.m.

Resorts Management

In a statement, Disneyland Resorts management said they will take care of guests and assured guests that they are closely monitoring Hurricane Hillary and managing the situation based on the latest reports from the National Weather Service. The management of the theme park said that the resort hotel will be open to serve the guests and will not allow any reduction in their service and there will be no difference in the quality of the service.

Disney Resort
Disneyland Resort will close Sunday morning due to the threat of Hurricane Hillary Universal Studios Hollywood monitoring has close due to the storm. Disneyland Resort theme parks will close early today, Sunday, August 20, due to the threat of Hurricane Hillary. Read More

Parks Remain Open

Universal Studios Hollywood management said they have no plans to close these parks. The parks will remain open, but they will continue to monitor the incoming hurricane to ensure that guests do not face any inconvenience. They said that taking care of management and guests is the most important thing for him.

Flooding Rains and Storms

Southern California is experiencing flooding rains and storms after a year of drought. California has also experienced an earthquake, but the Tsunami Center has not issued a tsunami warning. The weather service center says that the storm is not strong enough to issue a tsunami warning.

Tropical Storm Hillary

According to the Weather Center, Tropical Storm Hillary made landfall in the Mexican state of Baja California early Sunday morning, and Southern California received torrential rain throughout the day Sunday.

Tropical Storm Warnings

Millions of people in the state are under severe tropical storm warnings, with torrential rains forecast for the first time in Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, and the U.S. Mexico border, and Palm Springs and inland. Something spread the inside far and wide. However, according to Disney Park management, the resort will open and guests will take care of, although opening and closing times have slightly reduce due to the storm situation.

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