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Skardu Airport Welcomes The First International Flight

160 People Board The First International Flight From Skardu And Fly To Dubai.


A very significant event occurred on Tuesday when the first international flight from Skardu Airport to Dubai took off. It is a significant accomplishment that Skardu Airport has become an international airport.

160 people travelled on the maiden flight, which left from Skardu Airport for Dubai. This is significant because Skardu Airport only recently welcomed its first international flight from Dubai on August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Peoples Reaction

Everyone greeted the plane warmly when it landed at Skardu Airport. Prior to this, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) began offering direct service between Karachi and Skardu in June. Additionally, direct flights between Lahore and Skardu were begun.

On June 3, there was the first flight from Lahore to Skardu. Skardu is located in a stunning area, encircled by the Karakoram Mountains. People who enjoy adventure, nature, and history will love being here. 


The nation’s flag carrier announced in a statement that the first international flight from Pakistan’s northern city of Skardu departed for Dubai on Tuesday with 160 passengers.

Eight days have passed since the first international flight from Dubai to Skardu touched down on August 14 in the northern city. Skardu, which is located in Pakistan’s northern mountainous Gilgit-Baltistan region, would be easier for international tourists to access if there were direct flights connecting the two towns.

Skardu International Airport

In December 2021, the Skardu International Airport was officially opened.

Pakistan’s official airline, the PIA, released a statement reading, “The first international flight has departed from Skardu Airport for Dubai.” 160 people were on board flight PK-211 as it departed for Dubai.

Federal Investigation Agency

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) personnel at the airport, according to the PIA spokesperson, handled the immigration process for travelers.

At 7,000 feet above sea level, Skardu is a stunning region encircled by snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes, and verdant valleys. A variety of animals, including as snow leopards, ibex, and markhor, can be found in the area.

There are hundreds of domestic visitors who visit the valley every year.

A seamless travel experience was made possible by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials at the airport’s efficient handling of the travelers’ immigration procedures. According to reports, customers were happy with the efficient arrangements.

The Skardu International Airport, which opened its doors in December 2021, was crucial in making this new route possible.

The beginning of international flights from Skardu is a significant development for the nation’s tourism industry and creates new possibilities for visitors interested in exploring G-B.



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