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Pakistan Braces for Another Surge in Petrol Prices

The ongoing economic struggles in Pakistan become more challenging due to the escalation of inflation and economic instability. The recent surprise of a petrol price increase by the caretaker government is still fresh, and there is another potential surge in petrol prices on the horizon, adding to the worries of the already strained population.

Impact of Currency Depreciation

The continuous depreciation of the Pakistani rupee against the US dollar is deepening the economy’s vulnerability, surpassing the triple-century mark. This depreciation, connected to the removal of import curbs, contributes to higher inflation and increased living costs.

Anticipating Inflation

Inflation is likely to rise across various sectors, including essential commodities like food. The upcoming review of petrol prices within the next two weeks is expected to lead to a further increase in petroleum prices. The fluctuations in the local currency are likely to drive up the cost of gasoline and diesel, placing an additional burden on the population.

Discrepancies Between Global and Local Markets

Despite global oil prices remaining relatively stable, Pakistan has experienced a significant surge in petrol prices recently. Petrol prices have risen by Rs37.50 and diesel by Rs40 per litre. The projection of a double-digit increase in early September is attributed to the country’s crisis, leading to the procurement of crude oil and petroleum products at higher costs.

Public Concerns and Economic Struggles

The sudden rise in petroleum prices and power tariffs has sparked concerns among various segments of society. These economic decisions are collectively eroding household budgets and weakening purchasing power, causing growing dissatisfaction among the masses.


Pakistan’s complex economic challenges require comprehensive policy interventions. Addressing the interplay between currency depreciation, import restrictions, and global market dynamics is crucial for achieving economic stability. Balancing the need for revenue generation with the well-being of the public necessitates prudent decision-making and strategic planning, guiding the country towards a more stable and prosperous future.



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