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Microsoft Edge Glitch: Google Chrome Labeled Harmful

In the competitive world of web browsers, even tech giants can experience glitches, such as Microsoft Edge falsely identifying the Google Chrome installer as potentially harmful software. This incident raised eyebrows due to Edge’s rivalry with Chrome. In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of this mishap, its implications, and the broader browser battle.

The False Alarm

Microsoft Edge’s safety mechanisms misfired, flagging the ChromeSetup.exe file – Google Chrome’s installer – as a threat, affecting around 20% of Edge 116 stable versions. This glitch impacted users downloading Chrome via Edge, prompting a warning: “ChromeSetup.exe could be bad for your device. Do you want to keep it?” Users had the option to proceed or delete.

Coincidence or Strategy

The timing is intriguing. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome compete intensely. Microsoft promotes Edge’s speed, security, and modern features over Chrome. When users search for Chrome, Edge persuades them to opt for Edge. The false labeling of ChromeSetup.exe adds intrigue but lacks concrete evidence of intentional sabotage.

The Browser Battle

The browser market is dynamic, with Chrome leading due to speed and extensions. Microsoft Edge aims to reclaim lost ground, emphasizing compatibility, security, and integration. The incident may have inadvertently damaged Edge’s credibility.


Microsoft Edge’s false labeling of Chrome’s installer reveals the complexity of the browser competition landscape. While intentions can be questioned, users should remain vigilant. The incident serves as a reminder of technology’s unintended consequences, urging users to navigate the digital realm wisely.



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