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Motor mechanics Warn that Rising Temperatures

Motor mechanics Warn that Rising Temperatures

Motor mechanics warn that rising temperatures in the US could lead to an increase in automobile problems.

Introduction to Motor Technician Warning And Batteries issue

Motor mechanics say that hot temperatures cause batteries to deteriorate quickly, dead batteries can cause engine damage, and hot temperatures increase tire problems. A heat advisory says 150 million people in the U.S. are affected by extreme heat. According to preliminary reports across the U.S., heat could increase anytime in August 2023. Most people remain under a heat advisory. However, motor mechanics say that the car’s problems are increasing as the temperature increases.

 Arizona to Florida

A heat wave from Arizona to Florida and Kansas has added to the woes. Thirteen states have experienced excessive heat over the past several weeks, causing drivers to experience tire and battery problems.

Roadside Calls

Daniel Armbruster told AAA that the last month has seen more car problems than ever before. Armbruster says that this summer, especially in July and August, we’ve had countless calls from Texas about roadside breakdowns. The number of calls received has increased by seven percent compared to the previous call. “It’s a lot more than I expected,” he said. Nick of J&T Automotive in the Houston area says he’s dealing with these issues.

Due to high heat, the roads become hot, so if the tires are used enough, the friction created by the heat of the road increases the risk of them exploding.Read More

Battery Damaged due to heat

He said that compared to 6 months ago, batteries have increased by about 40% during this heat wave Speaking to AAA he said that battery problems can happen at any time. Armbruster said that this usually happens when the car stalls and you can’t get it going again, and it can also happen while you’re driving. And if your battery is not in good condition, it can get damaged due to heat.

Extreme Heat

He further said that battery problems can make drivers wait even in extreme heat when the car suddenly breaks down on a circuit and if it is very hot, the car driver has to wait in extreme heat to wait for a mechanic. It has to be lifted. Sometimes it can be fatal for the driver when the tire bursts due to heat and the speed of the vehicle is high.

Overinflated Tire

When you’re driving fast and the tire is overinflate, it won’t able to withstand the heat generate by the friction of the circuit and will explode. Armbruster added that if you’re driving at highway speeds. So it can be very dangerous for you.

More Problems

He further said that these problems do not end there but poor air conditioning problems, engine problems, and car parts failure are many of the problems that keep auto mechanics busy during summers.

Keep Service Kit

He said that we are seeing increasing problems with cars. Overheating this summer when the outside temperature is high. And the air conditioning of the car usually stops working. Such main AC problems are also increasing. Before taking your car out on the road. Check its performance, he added. He further cautioned the drivers. And said to keep a service kit with you to avoid any dangerous situation. So that you don’t have to face more problems.

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