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Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s mayor, has sued Automakers

Brandon Johnson, Chicago’s mayor, has sued Automakers

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has filed a lawsuit against automakers as the car theft crisis worsens and has accused automakers of negligence.

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Introduction to Sued and cause of action

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has accused automakers of negligence, saying they are making cars that thieves can easily steal. The mayor of the city of Chicago has filed a lawsuit against two major automakers for car theft. Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office has announced that the mayor has filed a lawsuit against automakers Kia and Hyundai. It alleges that the two companies failed to include “industry standard equipment engine immobilizers” in several vehicle models, leading to an increase in crime.

Chicago Residents face problems

Johnson said that the number of car thefts among Chicago residents has increased dramatically, adding that low-income people are at a disadvantage because they don’t have enough money to support their families. As the resources are already limited, they have to face such a problem.

Brandon Johnson
Hyundai and KIA are one of the famous Automotive companies in the world that make cars equipped with modern technologies, so this move by the mayor of Chicago is quite surprising and the spokesperson of the Hyundai company has said that they will now install modern anti-theft systems in their cars. So that their users can be more protected.Read More

Anti-Theft technology

The mayor’s office has maintain that these models are not equip with basic anti-theft technology, adding that the failure of Kia and Hyundai is entirely due to the negligence of these companies and the increase in car thefts in the city. This is the reason why cars are being stolen day in and day out across the city and they are also happening in front of everyone.

The two companies are specifically accused of 2011

Anti-theft technology has not install in vehicles sale from 2022 on-wards, he further allege that these companies have misled people into selling vehicles are present. Johnson’s office said car thefts spike when the news spread on social media after the new devices weren’t install. After these incidents came to light, thefts of Hyundai and Kia vehicles increased from around 500 to more than 3,350 in the first half of 2022.

Famous car companies Kia and Hyundai

Kia and Hyundai cars were the most stolen cars in Chicago in 2023. These are the most common burglaries in Chicago. “Since these vehicles are entry-level models, the failure of Kia and Hyundai to include engine immobilizers has had a significant impact on low-income Chicagoan’s. Specifically, thieves in these stolen vehicles use in other crimes. They are mostly use in theft, robbery, and kidnapping for ransom.

Comprehensive initiatives

However, in a statement to a business newspaper. A Hyundai spokesperson said that. Engine immobilizers fit as stander on all vehicles manufacture the company till November 2021. Hyundai is commit to the comprehensive initiatives. We provide to customers and communities. We want to help our customers as much as possible. Which are affect by the lack of push-button ignitions and engine immobilizers. They said that they are installing specific and modern theft security devices. In each of their garages so that their customers do not face incidents like theft again.

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