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Las Vegas hotel is being investigated for Legionnaires disease

Las Vegas hotel is being investigated for Legionnaires disease

A Las Vegas hotel is being investigated for Legionnaires’ disease. Where is this hotel becoming a precursor to spreading this disease?

Reason for investigation in this hotel

Guests at Caesars Palace and The Orleans Hotel & Casino have tested positive for Legionnaires’ disease when medically tested. Las Vegas health officials are investigating Legionnaires’ disease among guests staying at two hotels.

Southern Nevada Health District

According to a recent news release, the Southern Nevada Health District said two guests who stayed at Caesars Palace and one at the Orleans Hotel and Casino have tested positive for the Legionnaires’ disease bacteria, a disease commonly spread through the natural environment. If Legionella bacteria are present in the environment.

Las Vegas hotel
Las Vegas Caesars Hotel is one of the hotels where there is a rush of tourists throughout the year, there is a gymnasium, casino, gaming area, apart from this, the comfort of the guests is taken care of, but last Thursday, reports receive that in the acute patient here Legionnaires disease virus has diagnose.Read More

Caesars Palace

According to SNHD, Caesars Palace customers who have stayed at the hotel within the past 12 months. The Department of Health said that there is a recent environmental analysis that is trying to detect Legionella bacteria. However, Legionella bacteria not detect. Necessary measures taken to notify guests who may be infect with the disease.

Caesars Palace
Las Vegas hotel & Caesars Palace Health Statement

The measures taken after two guests staying at The Orleans Hotel & Casino test positive for Legionnaires’ disease.

Environmental Analysis

The Southern Nevada Health Department has said that they have conducted an environmental analysis of the entire hotel with the help of the hotel management, but neither the hotel air nor the hotel water found bacteria of this disease. However, recently another guest staying at the hotel has diagnose with the disease. According to the Southern Nevada Health Department, the hotel is fully cooperating with the health department’s investigation team. The hotel is fully commit to eradicate disease bacteria because they are very sensitive about the health of their guests.

Boyd Gaming Corporation

David Straw, who belongs to Boyd Gaming Corporation and is the spokesperson for the owner of The Orleans Hotel, said that the health of our guests is our first priority and we do not want anyone to get sick.  Straw add that we recently receive a notification from the Southern Nevada Health District that a visitor from In Orleans has diagnose with Legionnaires’ disease. Investigations are underway, however, samples taken from guest rooms have not find the disease-causing bacteria. However, Straw said we will continue to work with the Southern Nevada Health Department.

Bacterial Disease

In Legionnaires disease, bacteria called Legionella cause pneumonia. The Centers for Disease Control says the disease usually occurs in people when people breathe in mist or drink water that contains the bacteria. These bacteria usually

Fresh Healthy Water

Although they live and grow in freshwater environments, they can be a health concern when they are present in large quantities in the water that humans commonly consume. According to officially provided data, the number of cases reported to the CDC has increased since 2000, with nearly 10,000 cases reported in the United States in 2018.

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