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Abbayas have been banned in French schools

Abbayas have been banned in French schools

Abbayas have been banned in French schools and colleges. French authorities have decided to ban the wearing of the abbaya in schools, calling it a violation of France’s strict secular laws.

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Introduction to Hijab Ban Policy

According to the report of the foreign news agency “AFP” publish in the Dawn newspaper, the Minister of Education of France, Gabriel Atal, told the “TF One” television that wearing abbayas in schools will no longer be possible, because they have ban the abbayas. They have decide and said that clear instructions will be issue to heads of schools at the national level on the start of classes across the country from September 4. This move comes after several months of debate regarding the wearing of abbayas in French schools. has been, where women have been banned from wearing Islamic hijab for a long time.

Issue Between Parents and Teachers

Those belonging to the right and far-right had pushed for a ban, with the left saying it would infringe on civil liberties. There are reports that the trend of wearing abbaya in schools is increasing and the issue has created tension among parents and teachers.

French public schools do not permit the wearing of large crosses, Jewish kippas or Islamic headscarves.Read More

Gabriel Atal Describe the Issue

Describing Abbaya as religious, Gabriel Atal said that secularism means that there are all kinds of freedom in school and said that children should feel free with education in school. Speaking further, Gabriel Atal said that the purpose of this is to check the resistance of the republic on the part of the secular that the school should be such that when you enter the classroom, you see the student and you see her religion. Don’t know. Secular democracy means free education.

Dress is Religious Introduction

A March 2024 law ban the wearing of clothing at school that shows religious affiliation. Including large ben, hats and Islamic headscarves. Unlike the headscarf, the abbaya, a baggy garment. Worn over clothing in accordance with Islamic beliefs, is still not permit. The Ministry of Education has issue a circular on this in November last year.

Some Mixed Reaction

However, there has a mix reaction since, with former Education Minister Pap N. Daye reacting to the decision saying that he did not want the catalog to publish to specify the length of the dress.

UNSA Secretary General

However, union leader Bruno Babki-Wicks welcomed Gabriel Atal’s announcement. NPDN, the union representing head teachers. UNSA Secretary General Bruno Babki-Wicks said that earlier the instructions were not clear. But now they are and we welcome them. Right-wing opposition party Clementine Otten condemned the decision. And called Declared ‘Clothes Related Policy’. She said Gabriel Atal’s announcement was “unconstitutional“. And against the fundamental principles of secular France. Adding that it was a sign of the government’s “rejection of Muslims”.


However, before that, when France was enacting this law. The UNO strongly condemned it. Saying that banning hijab in France is a violation of human rights.

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