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Amna Amir: 10-Year-Old Tech Prodigy and Assistant Teacher


Breaking barriers and societal norms, Amna Amir Shehzad, a 10-year-old from Karachi, is charting an extraordinary path. Not only is she pursuing her dream of becoming a data scientist, but she’s also defying age expectations by serving as an assistant teacher at Karachi University.

A Tech Journey Unveiled

Amna’s remarkable journey commenced with her introduction to technology through the Saylani Techno Kids program. This initial exposure laid the foundation for rapid progress. Mastering programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Amna also delved into platforms like GitHub and Firebase.

Triumph in Tech

Her perseverance bore fruit as she clinched the third position in the citywide Rechnokids program. This comprehensive initiative encompassed tech courses ranging from Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Suite to Canva.

Rapid Rise

At an age when most are just starting to explore their interests, Amna’s exceptional skills caught the attention of her teacher and sister. Her swift completion of an HTML task led to an unexpected turn—an internship offer and later, the role of an assistant teacher at Karachi University.

Balancing Acts

Amid her university duties, she maintains her technical education at affiliated software houses. Remarkably, she juggles these responsibilities while attending traditional school and Saylani’s online courses.

Empowering a Generation

Amna’s ambitions extend beyond her personal achievements. She’s devoted to democratizing tech education, particularly for children from middle and lower-middle-class backgrounds.

Empathy in Action

Her dedication to bridging the digital divide highlights her empathy and determination to empower her peers.

Amna Amir Shehzad’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of determination, and her story is an inspiration to young individuals, breaking the mold and shaping a future where age is no barrier to accomplishment.



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