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Israeli Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Saudi Arabia

Israeli Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Saudi Arabia

Israeli Plane emergency Landing in Saudi Arabia A Plane carrying 128 Israeli passengers makes an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia it was a very scary situation.

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Air Seychelles flight HM 022

On Monday, an Air Seychelles flight HM 022 full of tourists from the East African country of Seychelles to Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, had to make an emergency landing in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Seychelles Airlines explained the incident. Something like, ‘It was a flight full of Israeli passengers, which had to land in Saudi Arabia due to technical reasons. It may not be such a big deal to say that a passenger plane made an emergency landing in a country, but especially but the importance of this incident is that Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have regular diplomatic relations and the communication between the two countries is not even equal.

Saudi Airport

In its statement, the airline added that all the passengers were safe in the emergency landing, but they were diverted to Israel on an alternative flight (from Jeddah) a few minutes after landing. According to media reports, these unexpected 128 Israeli guests who arrived in Saudi Arabia spent the night in a guest room at the Saudi airport. During all this, the second flight of Air Seychelles arrived in Jeddah and after the short stay of the Israeli passengers in Saudi Arabia, all these passengers left for Tel Aviv on Tuesday morning.

Israeli passengers in Jeddah

After the emergency landing of this flight full of Israeli passengers in Jeddah, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in its statement that it was dealing with the matter. is in constant contact with the airline to deal with the situation and return the passengers quickly. After these official statements, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, came to the field and after the take-off of the passenger plane from Saudi Arabia, the Saudi administration Appreciated.

Video Message

The Israeli Prime Minister stood attractively in front of the touch screen and recorded a video message in which he also thanked the Saudi administration and showed a map of Saudi Arabia on the multimedia screen behind him. It also pointed out where the Air Seychelles plane carrying 128 Israeli passengers had to make an emergency landing. This video message of the Israeli Prime Minister was shared on the social media platform X (Twitter).

Israeli Plane
One hundred and eighty Israeli passengers make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia on a plane carrying 128 passengers. It was a very frightening experience. Read More

Eyes of the Media Around the World

This matter was not only in the eyes of the media around the world. But almost every news organization broadcasted. This news with different headlines according to their mood. However, some passengers of this emergency landing on international broadcast. Speaking to AP, the agency said that the pilot told them. That he was going to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia. After smelling something burning in the cabin. The reason for the lack of diplomatic relations between the two countries after this announcement. Concern arose among the passengers and everyone panicked as to how this would be possible.

Avoid Any Serious Situation

The situation demand that the plane land in Saudi Arabia to avoid any serious situation. After the emergency landing of the Israeli passenger plane. The Saudi security forces immediately took 128 passengers under their protection. And took them to the hotel. When the plane landed at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport on Tuesday. Many people were surprised to see the crowd of journalists and photographers there. Many people welcomed the passengers with balloons.

Passenger’s opinion

“It was all very scary situation. But we were all taken care of by the Saudi authorities. And receive a good welcome,” said one passenger, Mima Shattel. Also said welcome in Hebrew. Emmanuel Arbel, a passenger on the hotel radio on a Tuesday morning. Told us that he was “shocked and surprised by the persistence from Saudi Arabia.” They were smiling as we greeted them. You said that some passengers could not control themselves. And there was really no reaction from the Saudi government.

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