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Journey from Madrid to Córdoba

The journey from Madrid to Córdoba

The journey from Madrid to Córdoba by high-speed train takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. The journey from Madrid to Córdoba is mostly rural with a few towns visible but mostly countryside where you can see fields of olives. During Journey we can see the trees will show from time to time. These olive trees are reminiscent of the Muslim era here.

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Olives Production

Spain’s largest production is olives, which are supplied to the whole world. You will find hundreds of olive groves between Córdoba (Qartaba) and Granada (Gharnata). Olives are called aceituna in Spanish, while the Arabs call them olives. Olives and oranges are symbols of the Muslim era.

Spain is one of the leading countries in olive production and supply, with 80% of olive oil produced in Spain.Read More

Olive Belongs to the Muslim Era

The Muslims cultivated a large number of olives during their rule. When the Muslims conquered Andalus, they brought with them many things from the land of Arabia. Among them was Olive. Since Andalusia was once a province of Syria the homeland of the olive tree is also Syria. From Syria, olives reached Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, and then from Morocco to Spain and Portugal. On the other hand, this tree reached Greece and Italy across the Mediterranean Sea. Journey Of Muslim History Is very sparkling time.

Largest Olive Production Country

One liter of oil is obtained from 5 kg of olive fruit, while an average of 3 liters of oil is obtained from one olive tree in a year. Andalus province currently has more than 30 million olive trees. 80% of Spain’s olive trees are in the Jain and Córdoba regions. We can say that the fruit of the plant planted by the Muslims is being eaten by the Spaniards today. Compared to Madrid, Cordoba is a smaller but beautiful city. With a mild climate, clean roads, and charming scenery, this small town is reminiscent of the heyday of the Muslims.

The Mosque of Cordoba, which was converted into a cathedral after the fall of the Muslims for its beauty, is now called the Grand Cathedral of Cordoba, where the call to prayer was once given, and now the church bells are rung there.Read More

Cordoba Masjid

The Masjid of Cordoba is the great monument of the Muslim period in the city of Cordoba. This mosque is built on 856 pillars and arches and the history of the rise and painful fall of the Muslims is hidden at its foot. The history of this vast and extensive mosque is also unique. In 755 A.D, when the Banu Umayyad era end and the rule of Banu Abbas was establish, one of the chieftains of the Banu Umayyads in Egypt, Abdul al-Rahman, escape from there and came to this land and founded the city of Cordoba.

Abdul Rehman Dakhil

Known in history as Abdul Rahman Dakhil. Dakhil means to enter in the Arabic language. Abdul Rahman Dakhil ruled here for 33 years. 2 years before his death, i.e., in 786 AD, he bought this place for 80 thousand dirhams at that time and started the construction of a masterpiece like the Cordoba Mosque. During this time, Abd al-Rahman Dakhil died, and after him, the king and governor of this place, Hisham I, continued the construction of this mosque. At that time, Hisham I allocated 5th part of his income for the construction of this mosque, whose construction and its glory are still an example today.

Decline of Muslims

After the fall of the Muslims and their departure from Andalusia in 1236, the Christian state converted this mosque into a church. A towering minaret near the compound of the Mosque of Cordoba. The door of this minaret meets the entrance of the mosque’s inner courtyard. Few people know the Mosque of Cordoba in the city of Cordoba because it is a cathedral. The towering minaret built at the entrance of the mosque can use to climb the clock tower and view the Darya Al-Kabir and the old city of Cordoba. Are Millions of tourists visit every year. This location is consider the heart of Cordoba City for tourist accommodation, food, and other amenities.

 Beauty of Córdoba Masjid

You can estimate the beauty of the architecture of the Mosque of Córdoba from the fact that at the end of the 12th century, when the sun of Muslim rule over Córdoba and other small states set, after all the mosques in the country were destroy, the Mosque of Córdoba was also destroy. Permission to convert it into a church was obtain from the then-Christian King Carlos V.

Inside picture of Masjid Córdoba grand hall

King Carlos V

It is record in history that when Carlos V come to visit this church a few years later, he saw the architecture of the mosque and said helplessly ‘It is a pity that the church you built inside the mosque is also outside. could make the mosque which you have damage, it hardly rebuilt like this.

Golden Age of Muslims

The mosque opened two of its four big gates for tourists to enter from one side and exit from the main hall of the mosque from the other side. The entire courtyard of the mosque was full of orange trees. These trees also remind us of the golden age of Muslims. Pictures of the Cordoba Mosque from the courtyard are very beautiful. Therefore, a large number of tourists were busy taking pictures in the yard. At the main entrance of the mosque, the walls of the mosque are decorate with beautiful carve wood use in the mosque of Córdoba in the past, which is the center of attraction for tourists.

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