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Digital Heist: When Young Hackers Defeat Big Tech

Digital Heist: When Young Hackers Defeat Big Tech

The “Digital Heist” What happens when young hackers defeat big tech companies. A UK court has found an 18-year-old man from Oxford responsible for hacking major technology companies. This person has been a member of a global cybercrime gang. Ariyan Kartaj, a member of the group called Lapsus (Lapsus$), hacked companies like Uber, Nvidia and Rockstar Games. During the hearing of the case, the court heard the leaked sixth edition of the famous video game Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The clips were shown. Lepsis carried out cyber-attacks on major tech companies in 2021 and 2022 that shook the cyber security world.

Committed the Illegal Act

Psychiatrists have described Kurtaj as autistic. Kartaj is not fit to face trial and appear in court. He is being held in a hotel room on bail. The jury ask whether he had commit the illegal act. They were not asked if they had criminal intent. Another 17-year-old has also been convicted of involvement in Lepsis gang activities but has not been named because of his young age.

UK and Allegedly from Brazil

The digital Heist, which hails from the UK and allegedly from Brazil, has describe in court as the “digital dacoit”. The gang is believe to made up mostly of young people and is involve in counterfeiting as well as computer hacking to gain access to Microsoft and the digital banking company Revolt. After their actions, the gang celebrates their success by bringing it to the public. The group taunts victims on the social network app Telegram in English and Portuguese. The trial at Southwark Crown Court in London lasted seven weeks.

Digital Heist
A UK court has found an 18-year-old man from Oxford responsible for hacking major technology companies in the wake of the Digital Heist. Read More

Mobile Operator

The prosecution told the jury that the 17-year-old start hacking in July 2021, along with Kartaj. The two met online. Kurtaj had the support of people from the Lepsis gang. They hack servers and data files of telecom company BT and mobile operator EE. They demand a ransom of 4 million dollars on August 1, 2021.

Stole around $127,000

The 17-year-old told the court that the companies did not pay the ransom. Kartaj stole around $127,000 from the five victims cryptocurrency accounts using stolen SIM details. Details of these victims’ crypto assets store in their mobile phone SIM IDs. Both youths were arrest on January 22 but release pending investigation.

Access to NVIDIA’s data

But even after this incident, the two young men did not stop. He continued the hacking activities along with the Lepsis gang. They gained access to NVIDIA’s data in February 2022. This is the Silicon Valley tech giant that makes the chips for artificial intelligence chatbots. They stole sensitive and valuable data from Nvidia and threatened to release it, demanding ransom. via told how the gang instructed someone to impersonate an employee and call NVIDIA’s staff help desk and obtain log in details for a company profile.

Conditions impose

While an employee was ask for access through fake messages late at night until he said yes, rival digital Heist reveal the identity of Kartaj and his family online before the arrest. was It include pictures and videos of him taken from social media, such as when he went fishing. Kurtaj move to a hotel in a small town in the UK for security and held on bail. Conditions impose. During this time, he ban from using the internet, but Kartaj still continue to hack.

Caught Red-handed

Prosecutors say Kurtaj caught red-handed when London police raid his room. Kurtaj seriously breached his bail conditions and showed his hotel room on TV. A Fire Stick was use to access the Internet. He purchase a new smartphone, keyboard, and mouse through cloud computing services. He assisted in cyber-attacks on Revolut, Uber, and Rockstar Games. The hacking of Rockstar Games, the maker of the popular video game JTA, was the most ‘’bold’’ of all. But told the employees of the company that I was not an employee of Rockstar, I was an attacker.

Digital Hakers
There are reports that the group is predominantly made up of young people and that they are involved in counterfeiting as well as computer hacking to gain access to Microsoft and Revolt, a digital bank. Read More

The JTA Six data

He announced there that he had downloaded all the JTA Six data before release and that ‘if Rockstar does not contact me on Telegram within 24 hours, I will download the source code (the software written code). Meanwhile, on a fan forum website, 90 video clips of the video game. Have  post by a user account called ‘Tea Pot Ober hacker’. It should be note that JTA Six is the game that Kartaj was again arrest on this and kept in custody pending trial.

Cybercrime Officials

After these hacking incidents, cybercrime officials in the United States said in a report this month that it is important to improve cyber security in view of the threat posed by young hackers. Their report said Lepsis “demonstrated how easy it was for its members to gain access to companies deemed to be defensible. Several members of the digital Heist thought to still roaming free.” In October Brazilian police have arrested a man accused of working with the Lepsis gang to hack Brazilian and Portuguese companies and government agencies. It is unclear how much money Lepsis has made from these cyberattacks. Neither company has admitted that they have paid the ransom to the hackers, while the 17-year-old has refused to give police access to his cryptocurrency wallet.

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