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Pakistan Triumphs Over India in Hockey Asia Cup


An intense match saw Pakistan’s hockey team defeat arch-rivals India 5-4 in the Asia Hockey5s World Cup Qualifiers in Salalah, Oman. This victory not only highlights Pakistan’s prowess but also solidifies their tournament performance.

Pakistan’s Dominance

Undeniably, Pakistan’s hockey team has been making waves with an impressive streak of three consecutive victories. Notably, the team has netted a remarkable total of 46 goals, firmly securing their place at the top with nine points. The synergy of players was evident as Arshad Liaquat contributed two goals, while Abdul Rehman, Zakriya Hayat, and Rana Abdul Waheed each added one goal to their victory tally.

Rewarding Excellence

The President of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) announced a $100 reward for each player to acknowledge their efforts. This gesture motivates players for upcoming matches.

Continued Triumphs

Following their win against India, Pakistan dominated Bangladesh with a 15-6 score. Players like Rana Abdul Waheed, Arshad Liaquat, and Abdullah showcased their prowess with multiple goals.

The Road Ahead

Facing Oman and Malaysia next, Pakistan’s hockey team remains poised for upcoming challenges, ready to prove their mettle on the global stage.


Pakistan’s victory against India solidified their presence in the Asia Hockey5s World Cup Qualifiers. The reward from PHF reflects players’ dedication. With momentum, they face Oman and Malaysia, eager to showcase their prowess again.



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