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Fidgeting is More a Habit Than a Disease

Fidgeting is More a Habit Than a Disease

Fidgeting the habit of moving your legs for no reason can also be beneficial for you. Often you have seen people moving their feet for no reason or moving restlessly while sitting. When we were children, few of us would have scold by our teachers and parents for rocking on the chair, running around, penciling for no reason. He will not be reprimanded for breaking the rubber or ticking the ballpoint. The reason for this reprimand was not for not paying attention to studies. Perhaps the adults felt that by doing this we were attracting negative attention from others.

Monkey Cage

In an episode of the BBC’s “The Infinite Monkey Cage”, Janet Cade, a nutritionist at the University of Leeds, says: ‘If you sit still, it’s not good for you. But if you sit in one place suffering from restlessness, it can reduce the health risks.

National Mental Health Program

It’s thought to mean anxiety and stress, but James Levine, president of the Epson Foundation and professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, says it’s the rhythmic movement of a specific body part that your brain controls. But Dr Sameer Parekh, Chairman of the National Mental Health Program of Fortis Healthcare, has a different opinion. According to him, it is wrong to categorize fidgeting as good or bad. Speaking to the BBC, he said that in some cases, fidgeting affects performance and increases the likelihood of error.

It has been shown that fidgeting around in the lower body can actually increase blood flow and combat health problems related to prolonged sitting. Read More

 Beneficial For some People

According to Dr. Parekh, it can also be a symptom of a physical illness. Fidgeting can be beneficial for some people, he says, but cannot say with consensus whether it is beneficial for you or a symptom of an illness. I do not agree with this research.

Category of Fidgeting

Speaking to the BBC, he said that children who do not have time to play or have insufficient space to play, their activities are include in the category of fidgeting. According to him, fidgeting. can be divide into several parts. One could be your normal habit. But there is also a possibility that you may be suffering from an illness and it is also possible that your fidgeting is beneficial. So, it is not correct to call it a useless habit.

Body’s Metabolism

During work, we spend hours sitting in a chair due to which our body’s metabolism, i.e., the ability to digest food, slows down. This affects our body’s ability to control blood sugar and blood pressure. It also creates obstacles in reducing the fat in our bodies. They say that a simple habit like fidgeting helps our body to use the extra energy.

Fidgeting is usually defined in dictionaries as moving or acting restlessly or nervously, but obesity expert James Levine, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic and president of the rare disease non-profit Fondation Ipsen, says it’s better understood as a rhythmic, neurologically programmed movement. Read More

Extra Energy by Fidgeting

A limited study looked at how 24 people used up their extra energy by fidgeting. It found that those who fidget burned 29 percent more calories than their body, indicating that fidgeting helps maintain energy balance in the body. However, it is not a substitute for exercise to keep yourself fit. According to some experts, along with reducing obesity, fidgeting can also be beneficial for our brain.

Reduce the Risks

Fidgeting can also help reduce the risks posed to the body by sitting for long periods of time. Research has shown that moving your legs while sitting protects the arteries in your legs and protects the arteries. Helps prevent disease. Snacking may have consider bad in the past, but if the activity is beneficial to your health, you should continue to do it. Likewise, if fidgeting is beneficial to your health, you should keep doing it.

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