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Dr. Umar Saif’s Quest to Bring PayPal and Stripe to the Nation


In today’s digital age, having access to seamless payment gateways is crucial, especially for freelancers in Pakistan. Dr. Umar Saif, the minister overseeing IT & Telecom and Science & Technology in Pakistan, recognizes the importance of bringing global payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe to Pakistan. He made this a top priority after acknowledging the challenges faced by freelancers due to the absence of these platforms.

Addressing Freelancers’ Challenges

During the ITCN Asia 2023 event in Karachi, Dr. Umar Saif highlighted the obstacles that freelancers encounter in Pakistan. A significant hurdle is the lack of access to popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, which are vital for facilitating international transactions and seamless fund transfers. Freelancers constitute a substantial portion of Pakistan’s online workforce and contribute significantly to its economic growth.

Unlocking Economic Potential

Pakistan’s IT industry is gaining global recognition, ranking as the second-largest online marketplace for workers worldwide. With approximately 400,000 freelancers, Pakistan boasts a formidable talent pool that can drive economic growth. Dr. Saif recognizes the pivotal role this industry plays in Pakistan’s economy.

Solutions on the Horizon

Despite its potential, Pakistan’s IT industry faces challenges, including changing tax regulations and difficulties repatriating earnings. Under Dr. Saif’s leadership, the government is committed to addressing these issues. One promising solution under consideration is the introduction of dollar retention accounts, which could boost the industry’s worth from $2.6 billion to $3.5 billion swiftly.

The Quest for PayPal and Stripe

Dr. Umar Saif’s determination to bring PayPal and Stripe to Pakistan is a game-changer for freelancers and the IT industry. These payment gateways are not just convenient but also globally trusted for secure and efficient financial transactions. Dr. Saif intends to engage with these payment giants to forge partnerships that will benefit freelancers and Pakistan’s broader digital ecosystem.


Dr. Umar Saif’s unwavering commitment to enhancing Pakistan’s digital landscape demonstrates the government’s recognition of the immense potential within the IT and freelance sectors. Pursuing PayPal and Stripe in Pakistan is a significant step toward empowering freelancers and boosting the nation’s economy. With innovative solutions on the horizon, Pakistan’s IT industry is poised for rapid growth, and its freelancers can anticipate more opportunities and seamless payment options.



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