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ISO’s Warning to Suspend Pakistani Membership

ISO’s Warning to Suspend Pakistani Membership

ISO’s warning to suspend Pakistani membership Business community worried about it. The business community has expressed concern over the ongoing warning by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to suspend Pakistan’s membership as it threatens to adversely affect the perception of all goods and services produced in Pakistan. A risk may arise.

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Pakistan Quality Standards Control Authority

According to a report in Dawn newspaper, ISO has warned that membership of Pakistan Quality Standards Control Authority (PSQCA) will be suspended if the pending annual subscription from 2022 is not cleared. Amanullah Baig, vice-president of the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and in charge of its Islamabad office, said that such laxity on the part of the authorities is serious. It should taken as a crime. Amanullah Baig said that we have raise this matter with the Prime Minister. If Pakistan’s ISO membership is suspend even for a day not only exports will suffer. Not all export goods will receive by overseas buyers.

Bureaucracy has become very Strong

He said that the biggest problem in Pakistan is that the bureaucracy has become very strong here. Which is not held accountable for any wrongdoing or poor performance. The mission inform the government that the subscription fee. For the year 2022 has not pay due to which the membership of PSQCA may be suspend. The ISO had said that in case of suspension. PSQCA will not get other facilities including voting rights and access to free publications and documents of the organization.

Concerns have been raised by the business community over the threat by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) to suspend Pakistan’s membership, because this could result in serious image issues for Pakistani goods and services. Read More

Restoring Membership in the Event of Suspension

The warning comes after a series of reminders from ISO. With the world body also outlining cumbersome procedures for restoring membership in the event of suspension. Established under the PSQCA Act 1996 to provide one-window services for standardization. And conformity assessment, this authority is ISO’s local agency in Pakistan. Responsible for ISO standards and environmental management systems. Design to implement and obtain certification.

Director General Pakistan Quality Standards Control Authority

PSQCA Acting Director General Dr. HU Khan deny. That there was any crisis situation and the threat of membership suspension was over. He said that there was a grace period in the period. It was only a warning., The government has respond in time. And the matter will resolve next week. He said that the delay was only due to the recent dollar crisis. In the recent past. The outflow of foreign exchange was completely stop by the government.

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