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Medicine Shortage & Inflation Affecting People

People Suffering from Rising Inflation & Shortage of Medicine

Medicine Shortage & Inflation Affecting People. People suffering from rising inflation are also facing a shortage of medicine. On one side of the country, where people are worried about paying expensive electricity bills due to skyrocketing inflation, there is a large number of patients and people under treatment across Sindh facing acute shortages of many essential medicines due to the increase in the prices of medicines. are victims of

Dozens of Non-essential Medicines

According to the report of Dawn newspaper, it has been discovered that dozens of non-essential medicines are not available even in the pharmacy companies. Shortages of essential medicines are causing serious problems for patients and in some cases have put lives at risk.

Affected by shortage of Essential Medicine

A government official confirmed to Dawn that the province is severely affected by the shortage of essential medicines, including biologics, vaccines, immunoglobulins for cancer treatment, insulin for diabetes, and many other drugs that are not available in the market.

Essential & Non-essential Drugs

Not only essential drugs, dozens of non-essential drugs are also unavailable at pharmacies across Pakistan as manufacturers have stopped or reduced imports of active pharmaceutical ingredients or raw materials for manufacturing the drugs, an industry said.

Blame the Rising Value of Dollar

However, sources blamed the rising value of the US dollar for the drop in imports. Industry sources added that amid the increasing depreciation of the rupee and appreciation of the US dollar, importers have stopped importing finished goods and raw materials for medicines.

Medicine Shortage
A simmering price dispute between Pakistan’s pharmaceutical industry and the Health Ministry has resulted in an acute shortage of critical medicines, forcing patients to rely on smuggled and potentially counterfeit drugs at increased costs. Read More

Counterfeit drugs

He said that as a result, smuggle and counterfeit drugs have enter the market. And are being brought from Afghanistan, Iran, and India. Despite the fact that many drugs are temperature sensitive. Many essential drugs are being smuggle in common trucks without cold chain management. Are deliver to have uninterrupt temperature control during the journey.

Vaccines lose Effectiveness

Experts told Dawn that if the cold chain is not maintained properly, vaccines can lose their effectiveness, resulting in an unusable supply of vaccines, rendering them useless. A market survey reveals that patients and their families are struggling to get essential drugs like insulin, anti-D immunoglobulin, cancer treatment drugs, and many other important drugs for which alternatives are not available in the market. A retailer said that amid the growing crisis, people are forced to buy drugs at high prices from black marketers.

Life-saving Medicines

Acknowledging the shortage of essential and life-saving medicines across the province, Sindh Health Department officials have decided to enlist the support of the police and district administration to curb the drug shortage crisis and the menace of drug smuggling. The government officials have sought an action report from the concerned authorities within 48 hours. In a letter written to the Chief Drug Inspector, Sindh Director General Health attributed the recent shortage to the black market and hoarding by retailers and wholesalers.

Black Market

All relevant teams are to immediately mobilize. All concern teams for strict surveillance. Along with action on open market outlets as part of ‘risk containment measures. Relate to the shortage of essential and life-saving medicines. And the black market to reduce public suffering. It is recommend that the letter states. That a detail report in this regard should submit within 48 hours to the office of the Honorable Minister and Secretary of Health.

Pharmaceutical Industry

While officials blame the black market. And hoarding for the shortage, pharmaceutical industry. Sources said the massive depreciation of the rupee and the recent imposition of a four percent sales tax on import drugs. Responsible for the current crisis. For example, an immunoglobulin, which available for Rs 6,000 a few weeks ago. Is now selling between Rs 14,000 and Rs 16,000.

Selling Stocks High Prices

Black marketeers are selling their stocks at high prices. But no one is willing to protect the interests of the patients. Sindh Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz agree that the rising value of the US dollar. Could affect the import and production of medicines. But said that there are some elements that need to be correct at the provincial level. So that the situation can improve to some extent.

Devaluation of the Rupee

He told Dawn that the devaluation of the rupee could also be a reason. The keeper minister said that what we are doing comes under our mandate. But there are some issues that come under the federal government. But we can stop the black market and artificial scarcity. The keeper minister said that he chair again and again meetings on Sunday. And gave clear instructions to the health department. To take strict action in this regard. He added that I would also talk to the federal minister today. For better coordination and cooperation on these lines.

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