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Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar Told about the Election

Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar Told about the Election

Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar has said that according to the law, the Election Commission has to decide the elections. If the Supreme Court says to hold the elections in 90 days, then we will hold the elections and no one should have any doubt about it.

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Salim Safi, while giving an interview in Geo News’ program “Jirga”, said that two or three days before he became caretaker prime minister, former prime minister Shahbaz Sharif sent me a message asking if he was available in Islamabad, to which I replied positively. And then I was told that we are considering you for an important role so you better be mentally prepared.

Election Commission

On the question regarding the date of the elections, he said that the law says that this decision has to made by the Election Commission if the questions regarding this law come before the Supreme Court tomorrow and the constitutional experts have no legal position. If we take it, we will bound by the legal consequences, At that time it is not important for me to take a position or not, the importance is the law until the Supreme Court takes a decision in this regard. So, we bound to conduct ourselves in the light of these laws.

Prime Minster
According to the law, the elections have to be decided by the Election Commission, the caretaker prime minister has said that according to the law, the Election Commission has to decide the elections.

Supreme Judiciary

Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar said that if the Supreme Judiciary asked to hold elections in 90 days, then we will hold elections, and no one should have any doubts about it if we make any compromise on honoring and respecting the Supreme Judiciary and the main pillar of the judiciary. If there is disorder, our way of life and political system will compromise. He said that whatever decision the Supreme Court makes available to us, whatever kind of interpretation it gives, it is acceptable to us in both cases, it is not our job to start interpreting the laws.

Denied His statement Regarding Electricity Bills

The Prime Minister deny his statement regarding electricity bills and said that these words were the favor of some of our journalists who spread the words of strike and wheel jam all over Pakistan by attributing it to me. And if either of these two words use, I am ready to pay a fine to those who protest.

Problem of Electricity bills

He said that the problem of electricity bills is multi-facet, as the caretaker prime minister, earlier meetings were held regarding power tariffs and taxation. They take time to solve and we’ve spent the most time troubleshooting them so far.

Growing Terrorism in the country

On the question regarding the growing terrorism in the country, the caretaker prime minister said that the increase in the attacks of Baloch extremists and TTP, I think it is not only because of the internal level happening in Afghanistan. There is change, but more than that, the goods, weapons and equipment that America and its allies have left are a big threat not only to Pakistan but to the entire region. He said that these tools and weapons have given these extremists additional capacity and strength due to which these attacks have accelerated, not because of our policy.

Both negotiation

He said that the state has the right to use both negotiation and the use of force. The state has to decide whether the negotiation. Will successful to achieve a peaceful social system or the use of force will be more effective, at that time. Both methods will have to use. Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar said that our policy is that we want to see a peaceful, stable, and prosperous Afghanistan. All of which is connect with the concept of a prosperous, stable, and peaceful Pakistan.

PTI leadership

When ask about the imprisonment of PTI leadership. Including Imran Khan and his workers. He said that what happen on May 9 was seen not only by the whole of Pakistan. But also by the whole world, all major international independent organizations cover these attacks. He also form an opinion that this kind of manipulation is intolerable. In any democratic government or non-democratic form of government.

Attempt to Lead the Country to a Civil War

He said that I believe that this was an attempt to lead the country to a civil war. In which the target was the current army chief and his team. The relationship has not been friendly. We have fought three wars and develop nuclear weapons. Because of each other’s stubbornness. They half cut off one of our arms in 1971. And they are not very happy with us as neighbors. Then above all Kashmir is an unresolve conflict, without Kashmir there can be no negotiation or trade.

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