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Traffic Police in Ahmedabad Get AC Helmets


In a commendable move, the Gujarat Police have introduced ‘AC Helmets’ to enhance the safety and comfort of their dedicated traffic officers. This innovative program addresses the challenges faced by traffic personnel working tirelessly under the scorching sun in Ahmedabad.

A Novel Solution

Moreover, designed to help traffic cops combat the relentless heat, ‘AC Helmets’ have become a symbol of thoughtful innovation in law enforcement.

Cooling Relief

On August 11, the city witnessed traffic officers donning these special ‘AC helmets,’ supplied by the Directorate General of Police (DGP). Notably, these helmets feature a built-in cooling fan system, providing much-needed relief from the oppressive heat officers endure during duty.

Innovative Design

An innovative design element connects the helmet with a battery stored in a pouch worn around the officer’s waist. Consequently, this battery-powered innovation offers multifaceted protection.

Comprehensive Protection

Moreover, these helmets offer comprehensive protection. They shield officers from dust pollution and harsh sun rays, thanks to a protective visor that covers the face up to the nose.

Field Trials

Field trials of these ‘AC Helmets’ took place at strategic locations, including Nana Chiloda, Pirana Char Rasta, and Thakkarnagar. Importantly, authorities closely monitored officers’ experiences and well-being during these trials.

A Model of Innovation

By prioritizing safety and comfort, the Gujarat Police set an example of how innovation improves working conditions. Furthermore, the ‘AC Helmets’ initiative underscores their commitment to officer well-being and their dedication to practical solutions.


In conclusion, Gujarat Police’s introduction of ‘AC Helmets’ demonstrates their proactive approach to officer safety. Notably, this initiative inspires other law enforcement agencies to follow suit, showing that small yet impactful innovations can make a significant difference in the lives of those who protect and serve our communities.



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