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Skyrocketing Ticket Prices for India vs. Pakistan


As the ICC World Cup 2023 approaches, cricket enthusiasts worldwide eagerly await the highly anticipated India vs. Pakistan clash. Primary ticket sales for the matches on August 29 and September 3 sold out within just one hour, creating significant buzz. However, social media is buzzing with reports of astronomical prices in the secondary ticket market.

The Primary Rush

Fans worldwide rushed to secure tickets for the epic India vs. Pakistan showdown, resulting in a rapid sellout during the primary sales. This fervor reflects the immense popularity of the sport and the rivalry between these two cricketing giants.

The Secondary Market Surge

The real shocker lies in the secondary ticket market, where prices are skyrocketing. One glaring example is the South Premium West Bay ticket, listed at PKR 7,228,934 (approximately INR 1,950,000) on a leading online sports ticket platform, as reported by Indian media.

Unprecedented Ticket Valuations

To provide perspective, two upper-tier tickets, offering an unobstructed view, are each being sold for PKR 21,130,733 (roughly INR 5,700,000). These prices reflect the fervor surrounding the India vs. Pakistan clash and the limited ticket supply.

The Passion of Cricket Fans

Cricket is a way of life for millions, especially in the Indian subcontinent. The India vs. Pakistan rivalry transcends boundaries and has been a cricketing cornerstone for decades. Fans’ willingness to pay such high prices underscores their emotional investment and dedication to this historic rivalry.


As the ICC World Cup 2023 nears, the India vs. Pakistan match promises to be a unique spectacle. While ticket prices have soared, they demonstrate the enduring appeal of cricket’s greatest rivalry. For those lucky enough to secure a seat, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, highlighting cricket’s power to unite and captivate global audiences.



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