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Launch of Indian-made Electric Scooter in the UAE

TVS Motor, an Indian motorbike manufacturer, debuted its electric two-wheeler in the UAE

In the United Arab Emirates, TVS Motor, an Indian motorbike manufacturer, has debuted the TVS X electric two-wheeler. Bookings have started, and TVS Motor Company confirmed that deliveries will begin in India in November 2023. With its iQube e-scooter, TVS Motors entered the electric two-wheeler market in January 2020. Given the decision to introduce the new TVS EV at a worldwide center,

TVS Motor’s CEO

The first 2,000 purchasers of the electric scooter would also enjoy extra incentives, according to CEO TVS Motor Radhakrishnan. This year in the UAE and other international markets. Additionally when the cover was removed soon TVS Motors declared that an electric scooter would be released this year. The new car, which the business claims is sufficiently sophisticated, is aimed at the younger generation and promises to be a tech-heavy, unique, and urban-friendly product.

Launching the TVS X e-scooter took place from the famed Burj Khalifa. The e-scooter, which costs Rs 249,990 (Dh11,120), intends to offer environmentally responsible mobility solutions.


The vehicle is cutting-edge and a high-end product with export potential. The business started posting on its social media sites on August 10 in accordance with the teasers. The new, innovative EV from TVS is anticipated to be considerably dissimilar from the iQube as it is now.  Both to separate the product from the competition and to draw in a wider audience. This is due to the higher consumer movement in the Indian two-wheeler market towards premium products like ICE and EV.

Moreover given the visual teaser with an exclusive speed displayed on the dash, the new TVS EV might have a top speed of 105 kph. The second-best-selling EV OEM in India right now is Ola Electric, and TVS Motor Co. is currently behind them. The business aims to increase sector sales. The Chennai-based company sold roughly 87,397 iQubes in the first seven months of CY2023, which works out to an average monthly sales volume of 12,485 units.

Eco Friendly Bike

Furthermore, in light of climate change, Sudarshan Venu, MD of TVS Motor, draw attention to the importance of lower carbon release and also praise the Indian government’s support for electric vehicles. The business’s prior electric scooter. 2020 saw the release of the iQube, which gained enormous popularity with consumers very rapidly. As a special performance-oriented product, bike is portrayed as new eco-friendly machine. TVs CO teaser remarks as “designed to shatter limits, reset benchmarks, and disrupt the status quo of electric mobility” or “Thrill has a date.”



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