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Modernizing Pakistan’s Airports: E-Gates to Streamline Travel

In a significant move towards modernization, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has announced plans to install Electronic Gates, commonly referred to as E-gates, at airports across the country. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and convenience of air travel for passengers.

First Phase: Islamabad, Allama Iqbal, and Jinnah International Airport

To kickstart this ambitious project, the PCAA has initiated the first phase of the E-gate project, which will be implemented at three major international airports: Islamabad, Allama Iqbal, and Jinnah International Airport. This strategic choice reflects the importance of these airports as key hubs for domestic and international travel.

Supervised by Aviation Authorities

Furthermore, the project’s execution will be closely supervised by the Aviation Secretary and the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority. This ensures that the implementation aligns with aviation industry standards and best practices.

Collaborative Efforts and Expertise

To ensure the success of the E-gate project, the PCAA has sought input and expertise from various national institutions. These include the National Database and Registration Authority, the Federal Investigation Agency passports division, and the FIA immigration department. Collaborating with these institutions will help integrate the E-gate system seamlessly into existing airport processes.

Tender Process for Implementation

Following approval by the board, the PCAA will proceed with the tender process to select qualified contractors for the E-gate project. This step will pave the way for the actual installation and deployment of the E-gate systems at the designated airports.

Streamlining Passenger Experience

The introduction of E-gates represents a significant step towards streamlining the passenger experience at Pakistani airports. Consequently, travelers will no longer need to wait in long queues to obtain their boarding passes. Instead, they can swiftly obtain their boarding cards by scanning their passports and tickets at the E-gates.

In conclusion, the decision to install E-gates at Pakistan’s airports signifies the country’s commitment to modernizing its aviation infrastructure and enhancing the overall travel experience.



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