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Onic Network Has been introduce in Certain Cities of Pakistan

Onic Network Has been introduce in Certain Cities of Pakistan

Onic Network introduce through Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), the owner of the Ufone brand, introduced its new brand “Onic” in selected cities of the country.

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Introduction to Onic Network

“Onic” is actually a new cellular i.e., mobile network that works like the existing networks, but the company claims that the new brand will have faster internet speeds and users will be protected from unnecessary balance depletion complaints. More importantly, “Onic” currently does not have any franchise in any city in the country but customers can purchase the SIM online from the company’s website or application.

SIM at home

People wishing to switch to the new network will be able to get a SIM at home after providing personal information on the company’s website or application and asking about the cost of the SIM. The company has immediately introduced “Onic” in selected cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad and the company is providing SIM delivery in these cities only.

Company Representative Arrives

After placing an online order for SIM purchase. The company representative arrives at the specific address along with the biometric machine. And hands over the SIM to the customer after verification. After receiving the mobile SIM, the user will be able to activate it with the help of the application. While users are also given the facility to select the number of their choice. Customers can write their desire mobile number while placing the order and if their prefer number is available, the company will provide them with the said number.

Onic Network
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Internet and Call Packages

The company claims that the internet and call packages on “Onic” are cheaper than other SIMs. And the company is offering 200GB of internet data for Rs 1900 a month. Similarly, the company has also introduce phone, internet and messages packages. Which price differently and the duration of these packages has keep from 15 days to 30 days. The company claims that Onic’s signals are better than other networks and it also offers cheap internet and calling packages. However, consumers in Pakistan believe. That the company has temporarily reduce the rates of internet and call packages to attract people.

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