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Tatami Movie was Produced Jointly by Iranian and Israeli Producers

Tatami Movie was Produced Jointly by Iranian and Israeli Producers

Tatami movie is Combine production of Iran and Israel filmmakers from both nations draw attention to common misconceptions about one another. This collaborative film has describe as a revolutionary step towards improving relations between the peoples of the two countries.

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Exhibition of Israeli and Iranian Filmmakers

An unhear-of exhibition of Israeli and Iranian filmmakers working together was held in Venice, Italy. The governments of the two competing nations share some parallels, according to the filmmakers from those nations, and they want to serve as a model for improved harmony and agreement among the populations of both.

Iranian Judo champion

The narrative of “Tatami,” an Iranian judo champion who violates official orders never to compete against an Israeli competitor, is present in the Orizzonti or “Horizon” section of the Venice Film Festival. Award-winning Iranian actress Zar Amir and Israeli director Guy Nativ collaborated on the film’s direction. Zar Amir is most known for directing “Golda,” the newly released biography of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. He also performs in the movie as a judo instructor.

Amir Claimed in an AFP interview

Amir claim AFP interview that he always taught in school that Israel does not exist. Do not engage the adversary in combat. In Iran’s Holy Spider, in which she plays a journalist hunting for a serial killer of prostitutes in the holy city of Mashhad, Zar Amir, who is currently living in exile in France, receive Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival last year. won the prize. “Filmmakers in Iran cannot actually speak the truth,” Amir continued. They may focus on these issues.

Tatami Movie
“Tatami” was produced jointly by Iranian and Israeli producers. Filmmakers from both nations draw attention to misconceptions about each other through a combined presentation. Read More

Mahsa Amini

A year earlier, Mahsa Amini die while held by the country’s morality police after detain for violating Iran’s stringent clothing code. I consider myself to “optimistic”. She assert that there was no need for women to hold back while they went through a process of altering their circumstances. Their fearlessness inspires me, especially in light of the fact that males are now also supporting women and that the younger generation still does as well. This is entirely novel.

Talking About the Government

The upcoming film Tatami, on the other hand, is already a big issue in Israel, according to Guy Natio. He stated, “I’m not talking about the government.” However, some consider this collaboration to be a revolutionary shift. We anticipate that this However, many view this collaboration as a radical shift. It is envisage that this would open up new opportunities for interaction between Iranian and Israeli citizens.

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